Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Body Shop Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek Stain

Hello loves!

The Body Shop has something super cute in-store for you this holiday season.
Most of you might already know that their bestselling product in the country is their lip and cheek stain. Well, this really good product just became more awesome. They've added a new shade and it's inside this very, very cute geisha doll packaging!

OMG! This is just cuteness overload!!!!!!
 Below are their press releases for some info about this product:

First of all, I just can't get enough of this really, really, ridiculously cute packaging. I really like that the bun of the hair is the handle of the applicator. They really put some thought in this design. They made it really cute but still not too bulky. Super, duper like! (But even if it is bulky, I'd still carry this in my purse because it's just really cute!)

The box and packaging has all the important info labeled on them.

The shade is red which is pretty close to the one that the geisha in the design is wearing.

You won't get any leaks with this packaging. It's a twist-up bottle and you can just close it tightly and you won't encounter that problem.

This is the applicator.

Swatch on hand

On my lips

Ummm... make sure you moisturize your lips really well when you use this. I just scrubbed my lips here and it emphasized the parts where there used to be dry patches. :P

I achieved that color after 2-3 coats of the stain. You can easily control how red you want your lips and cheeks to be. It's not like those tints that are too dark and pigmented that you have to hurry to spread so that it won't make those weird strong colored patches on the skin. But you still have to spread it nicely, okay? I suggest you use your fingers or a soft sponge. Hehe. :P

 For the cheeks, I dabbed 2-3 dots per cheek to create that subtle blush. It really warms up the skin. It really looks good for a simple makeup during the holidays.

This can stay up to 5 hours on me as a lippie unless I eat or drink. As a cheek tint, probably less because of my oily face. But I bet this can last even half a day to those who have dry to normal skin.

And that's all for this post. Check out the new Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek Stain at any of the branches of The Body Shop near you! Go and doll yourself up!!! 

So what do you think of this holiday treat from The Body Shop? Don't you just love this Geisha Doll themed product? Don't you find the packaging really cute too? 



  1. I'd probably be tempted to buy it in a snap because of the packaging. Super kawaii! :)


  2. Agree the packaging is super cute. Plus i love the color :D

  3. ohhhh cute packaging and great coverage! Finally a lip stain that isn't patchy :( all of mine are either not pigmented or too uneven


    1. True! I've encountered those kinds of stains many times before!