Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub + Tony Moly's Newest Endorser

Hello gorgeous!

How was your Halloween celebration? Did you dress up in a scary outfit? Did you wear awesome makeup too? If you did, then maybe this product that I will be reviewing would be of some help now that the parties are over. Many of the halloween looks I've seen use thick makeup and the lippies used are very dark. These dark, mostly matte lipsticks can really dry up the lips. Dry, chapped lips are something that I really hate and if you do also, then you probably would appreciate having a lip scrub such as this...

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub
Php 348.00

Product description from their press release:

It contains UV control lip essence, jojoba oil, and macadamia oil for aging, thin, and vulnerable lip skin. The grains in the scrub will peel off excess skin, thus making lips soft and smooth.

*This product was sent to me by Tony Moly for review. (Thank you!)

First off, the packaging. It's just uber cute! The sexy, voluptuous pout is so adorable for a container.

You twist it open and you'll see the product.

It didn't came with any applicator so you could scoop with with your finger or better yet find something that can act as your "scooper." I use those little spoons from that come with the little containers I bought from Landmark. It keeps the product clean and you can easily wipe it clean.

Here's a closeup of the scrub. It has those grains that are not too harsh... sort of reminds me of the scrubs of St. Ives that's for sensitive skin. And it sort of smells like it too but a little more fruity...

I use this once a week (sometimes twice when my lips are extra chappy) and massage this on my lips for 1-2 minutes.

And the result! My lips are smoother and looks fresher!

This will be super handy now that the weather in the Philippines is getting cooler. I like this scrub because even if it is for exfoliation, it is still gentle (in my opinion because I have used scrubs that have bigger and harder grains compared to this) and makes my lips looking smooth and moisturized. I also like that this doesn't feel too heavy and waxy on my lips.

I recommend you use this after you take a bath or shower so that the skin on our lips are softer and easier to remove. 

Overall, this is a good product and I definitely recommend you to try it out. I learned to appreciate how having a lip scrub can help you have smoother and healthier looking lips and it also makes your lipsticks look extra beautiful when you apply them. :)

Well, that's all for my review. I hope this was helpful! Anyway, I also wanted to share this news from Tony Moly about their newest endorser, HyunA!

TONYMOLY welcomes October with a brand new muse, HyunA of 4MINUTE. She is known best as the leading lady in the music video of global phenomenon Gangnam Style.

HyunA is the Kpop community’s “sexy-cute” performer who can bust a move in novelty pop or hiphop.

“TONYMOLY Korea’s choice to have HyunA as the new endorser is wonderful,” said Ms. Leslie Chua, president of TONYMOLY Philippines. “HyunA is the combination of sexy, chic, and modern. She is perfect for TONYMOLY’s brand message.”

This October, TONYMOLY Philippines reveals some of its products to achieve HyunA’s beauty peg: the Kiss Lover Lip Master Series, Delight Petit Cotton BB Dark Beige, Tony Lab AC Series, and Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub.



  1. Ohh I love how the lip scrub is shaped like Lips! ^ ^
    Hyuna is a wonderful fit for Tony Moly too! ^ - ^

  2. This looks so adorable! i've seen lipbalm packed like this but I thought it was too bulky. I really like that this was a scrub! I always have peeling lips and I'd love to own something like this!

    1. I also thought that it was a balm but I felt some relief when it was a scrub! Something I can use on a weekly basis. :D

  3. Huyunaaaaa so beautifull! Thank you for reviewing ~~

  4. omg super cute ng packaging! i'll buy that after ko maubos yung lip scrub ko then i will reuse the container hihi