Saturday, October 04, 2014

A Month with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare Range

Hey lovelies!

It's skincare talk again. I have mentioned before my fixation on taking care of my skin better. I began focusing on skincare last year because I have been dealing with my troubled skin for more than a decade now and I just want to clear my skin as much as I can (afford) because I am very tired of using concealer and hiding my skin. I have experimented with different brands and products and I have shared the good ones and some bad ones. Even though I have tried good ones, I'm still looking for those that suit my skin better. I am still willing to try products that look promising.

I was approached by someone from The Body Shop and asked me if I was willing to try and review their Tea Tree range. This line is catered for those with blemished skin like me so I immediately agreed to do it. I have tried almost all of the products from the line but not at the same time. I have mostly good reviews on them so what more if I use them altogether right?

So for the past month, I have been using these products from The Body Shop...

What you can expect from these six products are the cooling sensation that feels so refreshing on skin. The tea tree scent also gives you that very clean feeling (I dunno if you like the tea tree scent but I'm just a fan of it). Anyway, I will show you later what my bare face looked like every week, but before that, here are the products and my quick thoughts about them:

 Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub (review here)
Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash (review here)

These are the products I use to cleanse my face. I use the scrub twice-thrice a week every morning while for other days, I use the cool and creamy wash.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

I use this twice a day, every morning and evening. I love this toner because it feels so refreshing! Whenever I use this, I feel like my skin is super clean. After cleansing and then applying this, when I look at my cotton pad, it shows how well the products clean your face after a long day of wearing makeup. 

For those pesky zits, I use the Tea Tree Oil to help tame the inflammation and quickly get rid of the pimples. Even though it's categorized as oil, it doesn't feel oily. It has a very thin consistency, it gets absorbed by skin fast, and it has a cooling sensation! I use this every night.

Of course we can't forget about moisturization. Even if I have oily skin, it's important to hydrate the skin, especially at night. This Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion feels so light on skin and it feels so cool! I use this twice a day, morning and night.

 For my makeup, my base is the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream (review here) then I just add some concealer and powder on top (I prefer a mineral powder for extra coverage).

And now, for the best part of the post, the pictures of my face after every week of using the products. Here you'll see how effective the products are on my skin...

Excuse my horrible makeup-less makeup. I am doing this for the honest-to-goodness review (you better appreciate this because it took all my courage to post these). Haha!


Dark spots are very visible and you can also see new pimples and their redness. :P

 WEEK 2:

 Barely any difference but less redness on the pimples.


Barely any redness and dark spots are starting to clear. I still get some small zits here and there though.


Dark spots are significantly lighter! Yay!

For the whole month I used these, my skin felt very hydrated even if I was focusing on getting rid of my blemishes. From the pictures, you can see how my skin got better. It didn't improve in an instant. It took time to see the difference but I am happy that it looks better now, especially since I have been stressed lately and lack sleep. I actually feel better when it's skincare time because after a long day, I can refresh my face with the products... I really love the cooling factor!!

And that is my report regarding the one month progress of my skin using The Body Shop Tea Tree Range.

What are your thoughts about the products?



  1. Your skin over the month really has improved! The thing is that this range not only uses tea tree oil which on its own is super effective but it has a lot of alcohol which for really oily skin is helpful to dry out the surface oils! I love the toner and use it on oily days when I'm not wearing any make up or at night. I too love the cooling feeling!

    1. I do feel the alcohol there. Sometimes I prefer those without alcohol but then I realize that I do have an oily face and I also have moisturizer to help with hydrating my skin so why avoid it? It helped with my skin as well as make my skin feel refreshed!

  2. WOW! This made some serious difference on your skin! I wanted so bad to try the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop since I have read a lot of reviews saying how effective they are, but I just cannot stand the smell huhu. But this really did improve your skin! I may give it a try again but I have to get over the smell first haha

    1. Awww... I didn't like it at first too but now I got used to it and sort of liked it. Haha! Hope it works well on you too! :D