Friday, October 24, 2014

Introducing: Gluta Advance White and Firm

Hey dears!

Many Filipinas are obsessed with whitening their skin. I believe that most of us consider people who have fair skin more beautiful. You can see on TV that most of our celebrities are mestizas or chinitas, and those who aren't usually get fairer skin as they stay longer in show business. 

I believe this "love" for whiter skin came from our country being influenced heavily by Western countries. We were under the occupation of Spain and the US for years and this led to "mix breeds" (LOL) or those we call the mestizas/mestizos. Those who belonged to those families are usually more well-off and ranked higher in terms of social class. They usually stay indoors while those who do labor are usually outside which led to darker skin. 

I personally like my skin to be somewhere between medium-dark olive, but majority still prefer their skin to be lighter and this fixation on lighter skin tone will most probably still exist in our culture for a long, long time. That is why there are tons of whitening products in the market (very different to those on the west where there are more tanning products and salons). 

Some of these whitening skincare products are from Gluta Advance. They sent me a whole range of their White and Firm range to try out.

But what do we know about Gluta Advance? According to their Facebook Page,

Skincare that goes beyond skin whitening. Formulated with sun protection to shield the skin against harmful UV rays and sustain the whitening process. Gluta Advance unveils a fairer and tauter new you in as early as two weeks.

We know that in order to make our skin lighter, we need to protect our skin from the sun. And these products promises to have that needed sun protection as it lightens your skin.

These products that are made by dermatologists are equipped with Glutathione which is best known for whitening and is also an antioxidant, which helps in slowing the aging of the skin. They also have L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, and Clair Blanche ("a unique infusion of 7 ingredients known to inhibit melanin formation") which help achieve a more radiant, smoother, whiter, and firmer skin. 

The Gluta Advance range is a complete set to pamper your skin. You get to cleanse, tone, and moisturize using the products. There are items for your face and for your body so your skin lightens evenly and not just on specific areas. You can check out the labels at the back of each product for more info and you can also visit this website which also contains some info on the skincare range.

Anyway, here are the products! I arranged them on how it should be used.

First off, the products for the face.

The facial wash to cleanse the face.

The toner for further cleansing and balances the skin's pH level.

And finally, the facial cream to keep the skin hydrated. This also has the sun protection needed to shield us from UV rays.

Now for the products for the body:

The soap for cleansing.

And the body lotion for moisturization and sun protection.

Each product is important so it is a must that we use them all and don't skip on anything, especially the lotions!

Gluta Advance promises to whiten the skin in two weeks. My dilemma is that I like my skin right now and I am not interested in getting it lighter. Liz, my co-blogger, is very busy right now and might not be able to follow the skin care process needed to be done to achieve a lighter complexion (she's always so tired that she frequently just falls asleep when she gets home). 

Good thing my officemate wanted to try the products out! Yippee! She's willing to be my guinea pig! Below are pictures of her skin prior the use of the products. She requested that I don't show her full face so I hope that these pictures are okay with all of you.

We will keep track of her skin every two weeks to see the results of Gluta Advance on her skin! We're both excited to see if it works! I will keep you updated and will also share with you her thoughts and experience using the products so I hope you stay tune for that! :D


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