Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review : Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner in #01 Black

Hi guys!

Sharing a review of this eyeliner I received when I attended the brand launch of Heroine Make at SM Mall of Asia last September...

Review : Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner in #01 Black
Php 345.00

Here is the product info on the packaging:

It claims to be waterproof, has intense pigmentation, and also gentle for the area around the eyes. These claims got me excited and I guess also gave me higher expectations.

So let's check first the appearance of the product.
It has a hot pink packaging. Very girly, so me (although I'm not really into hot pinks)!

It's a twist-up eyeliner so no need to sharpen! It's very easy to use!

At the end, it has a smudger to create a more subtle finish or to create very awesome smokey eyes.

This is the full length of the product.

Here is a swatch on my hand

It does give intense pigmentation. It's dark and it can go darker as you layer it.
I like that it's thin so you can easily create thin lines.

Below are pictures of my eyes with the product applied:

I can create a fine cat eyes using this pencil. I actually find it hard to have a precise eyeliner wing using pencil but this one made it very easy for me. 

But what I noticed at first stroke is that it's hard and dry and it's quite difficult for me to swatch it, especially around my eye area. 

I also don't find it to be waterproof. Water resistant, yes. Not much of an issue for me but the thing is, it gets ruined with oil easily... and I have oily lids. So it gets all over my lids once it gets oily resulting to a ruined eye makeup. :( I can try to stall my lids from getting oily by using a good primer and powder eyeshadow but I guess it's better to just stick with better liners for the top lash line.

But applied at the bottom lash line, it works great. It can stay for a good four hours! I agree with the "Never Get Defeated by Tears" line on the label. :P

This product never caused me irritations although the hardness and dryness feels very uncomfortable because I feel like my skin around the area is getting pushed and pulled when I apply this.

So let's summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Pigmentation
- Can create thin, precise lines
- Packaging
- Water-resistant
- No irritations
- Locally available
- Comes with a smudger
- Sort of affordable


- Product is hard and dry
- Smudges easily once my lids get oily

Would I repurchase?
I don't think so. Though the cons are just a couple, they are a serious matters to me, so I would skip this product. I am interested in the liquid eyeliner though!

And that's my review! I hope this was helpful in some way! :)

What do you think of the Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner in #01 Black?



  1. oww smaudge issue :))

  2. Damn, I'm sorry to know that it's hard and dry! That's the last thing you want when you pull something across your eyelids! I love love their liquid eyeliner in pen form but I haven't tried this from them yet!

    1. I plan to try the liquid liners. I did hear that they are really good! :D

  3. I guess manufacturers should start making oil-resistant liners.

    1. I'd love that but the problem would be on how to remove them. lol