Friday, October 17, 2014

Maybelline 24 hours Color Tattoo by Eye Studio in Barely Branded and Ready, Set, Green

Hey everyone!

Just want to share a quick swatch post of these two cream eye shadows from Maybelline. I believe most of you already know about the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadows for they've been much talked about some months ago. These cream eye shadows are popular because of their intense colors and impressive lasting power. They have multiple uses—as eyeshadow, as an eye shadow base, and as an eyeliner.

Unfortunately for me, I have extremely oily lids so this still creases on its own. I usually use this cream shadow as eyeshadow base and top it with powder eyeshadow to strengthen its staying power.

Anyway, here are my two shades of Color Tattoo:

Maybelline 24 hours Color Tattoo by Eye Studio in Barely Branded
I think that this is the east asian version (probably Japanese) because the name is different, it's called Color Ink. But I believe it's the same as the 24HR Color Tattoos.

I bought this shade because I want something neutral that would look great on it's own and would also be great as a base and this shade is just perfect for those reasons.

In just one swipe, I can get a rich color. The shade is like a vanilla-champagne color that's just uber gorgeous!

Here are photos of my eye makeup using this:

My other Color Tattoo Eyeshadow was given to me by my friend.

Maybelline 24 hours Color Tattoo by Eye Studio in Ready, Set, Green

I love the beautiful green shade, so perfect for the coming Christmas season!

Here's the swatch

And below is the product when put at the half part of my lids while the other half is barely branded but a little toned down.

And those are my swatches. :)

What do you think of the Maybelline 24 hours Color Tattoo by Eye Studio? Are you a fan of these cream eye shadows?



  1. OMG, I would love the green one! I've bought many of these but these two shades are not selling in singapore! Love what you did with the green!

    1. It's weird that different shades and different names are available depending on a certain country. But yeah, the green really looks good.

  2. I have two, pinkish and blue one from a friend but di ko pa nagamit. ahhh now I want to try them na! ^_^ love the swatches. okay siya alone or as base. love it!