Monday, October 06, 2014

Review : Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream in Dark Beige

Hey loves!

Good news to my morena readers! I finally found a BB cream that would suit morena skin! Yayyy! This has been an issue for me regarding BB creams because of the limited shades. Since most of the popular BB's are from Japan or Korea, they usual have shades that are lighter than most Filipina skin. That's why I was quite surprised and happy when I tried this BB cream that was sent to me by Tony Moly a few weeks ago...

Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream in Dark Beige
And oooohhhh! It's only Php 398.00! Uber affordable! 

This is available in Natural Beige or Dark Beige.

This BB has SPF 36 and PA++. I think it gives just enough sun protection for a day at school or at the office. 

So let's get to know the product more from the labels of the tube:

I can't read korean... so not much input for me there about what to expect but the ingredients list and the directions are very helpful. :P

So let's talk about the packaging. It's housed in a squeezable tube that holds 30g of product. I like these kinds of tube packagings for my BB creams because when I have little left, I can just cut the tube and transfer the remaining amount in a small container. 

The design is pretty simple but still cute, I'm really liking the quirky spots design and how they paired it with the font on the word delight. They just look good together for me.

So here's the product on my hand.

When slightly spread

And when blended

The consistency is creamy and when blended, feels very light on skin. It dries pretty quickly with a semi-matte finish. The scent is pleasant, kinda reminds me of baby powder or baby shampoo. :D

My bare cheeks

with the product on

This shade is 2 tones darker than my skin. It may not look like it in the photos but if you see my face personally, it's darker. I think the Natural Beige would suit me better. But anyway, I super love that the shade is very warm. I think this would really suit the Pinay skin very much. The coverage is medium which is awesome for a BB cream. It really evens out my skin tone but still leaves it looking very natural. And, I didn't encounter any breakouts nor irritations when I use this.

I use this with powder on top to prolong wearing time because I have oily skin and this does not really have oil control. This can last the whole day on me if I am in an air conditioned room but if I will be sweating a lot and my oiliness comes to play, then retouching should be made.

To summarize...

What I LIKE:

- SPF 36 and PA++
- Medium coverage
- Feels light on skin
- Scent
- Warm tones
- A BB cream that suits darker skinned individuals! Yay!
- No irritations nor breakouts
- long-lasting
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Packaging
- Easy to blend


- It doesn't promise to control oil though I do prefer products that help with my oily skin

Would I repurchase?
Maybe... I'd like to see how it would work when I have the right shade, which is the natural beige one. I can't use this much because the shade is too dark on me.

Do I recommend it? Definitely!

So what do you think of the Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream? Would you consider trying it out? :)



  1. Nice! Ans it doesn't seem to have any greyness to it at all.

  2. Finally, non-grey BB creams are coming out :)) Sino ba naman kasi may skin tone na ash??

    1. Haha! Tama! I guess it's barely noticeable if you have skin na as white as most koreans. :P

  3. This is really looking good on you! Although you think it's not the best match it looks pretty flawless and the color looks very natural on your 'after' shot!

    1. Yeah, I do think this is really good but in person, it's really too dark. Even with a lighter powder on top, it's just too dark on me. I think if I were to compare this to a MAC shade, it's like NC40.

  4. wow coverage looks cool ! I get annoyed when I cant get the colour I want . Hand swatches are not enough, reviews are the best !! thank you for sharing ~~

    1. True! Especially when the product I want is pricey, I check reviews first before investing.