Monday, October 13, 2014

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

Hey dears!

Now that I am in my mid 20's, I try my best to use the right products to keep my skin hydrated and fight skin aging. One of the first areas where wrinkles form is around the eyes. So to make sure that I won't get those creepy crows feet soon, I use eye creams or eye serums. I've used only a few of these products and one of them is the...

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

Here are some info on the box:

And from The Body Shop PH's press release:

I've tried the Drops of Youth Concentrate before and it was really good, which made my expectation of the eye concentrate really high.

But first, I'd like to comment on the packaging.

I like that it's in a pump. Very easy to get the product out, also more hygienic. I like that it doesn't consume too much space in my vanity table but still is easy to find because it's taller than the eye creams that are in a small tub or in a plastic tube.

That's the pump, the button underneath the roller, that you can push to get the product out.

The applicator is awesome. You got a metallic roller where the product comes out as seen on the photo below:

And you can start rolling it around the eye area and you get that instant cool feeling that is very relaxing especially during day time when you're still feeling sleepy.

I use this every day and night. This is super lightweight so I have no issues with this when it comes to my makeup. Also, it gets absorbed fast or it dries on skin fast so you don't have to wait so long before you go to bed. No stickiness! Yay!

About the results, I can't really say much because I barely have problems with my skin around the eyes yet but what I do notice is that I do feel like my eyes are wide open and awake when I use this and my skin feels very, very smooth after application.

Overall, I really like it! I don't see any cons yet during the month and a half I've been using it. It's really good especially the part where it makes my skin so soft. I just love touching my eye area when I have this on. :)

Have you tried The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate? Do you know any eye product that is like it?



  1. This looks promising! I still haven't found my HG eye cream and I might give this a try. How much is this?

    1. This is a very good day eye cream but if you're looking for intensive moisturization, then I suggest you get another one for night time. :D

  2. Do you use it during the day, ate? And how much is this? I wanna use the roller! Currently I'm using Shiseido Ibuki eye corrector every night. Haven't considered using an eye cream during the day.

    1. Hey Lau, I use it during day tapos a more potent/moisturizing one at night. I barely use the roller kasi nilalamigan ako. Basta roll lang quickly then I spread with my fingers. Haha! Defeats the purpose lang.