Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unboxing: Flawless Exclusive Saladbox Eternal Youth

Hey dolls!

My Saladbox arrived today and it's an exclusive edition! They tied-up with Flawless, a beauty brand that offers various products and services. I haven't tried any of their services yet and I think I've only used one of their soaps so I'm really curious of what the items would be.

When I held the box, I thought it was a bit heavy and bulky. My first thought—this must contain some full-sized skincare products! 

And so, I sat down and immediately opened the box! I was just excited to see and couldn't wait for even another second. I'm just so curious because this is, in fact, their 2nd anniversary box and I guess I did miss doing some unboxing. It's been a while since I received or ordered a subscription box.

Tadaaaaa! 3 full-sized products! Woot!

So let's see what they are from the card this box comes with...

These products promise to keep your skin looking young. They have cell boosting properties to let us achieve that "eternal youth" most of us want.

And they are quite pricey compared to the Php 333.00 I used to pay for the box. You may think, "sulit!" Well, it is. That is until when you see the sticker on each product.
There are labels on the products that say we can only use them until the end of the month... because that's the date of expiration. Yikes! Is it just me or are they just trying to get rid of the old, unsold products? I mean, sure they could do that, that's smart marketing I guess, to give the older ones to subscription boxes so that people can try your products out that will lead to brand and product awareness and potential customers... but why now when there's only a month left? Ugh. :/

Anyway, here are the individual shots of each product:
Flawless Cell Booster Daily Cleanser
Php 700.00

Flawless Cell Booster Night Serum
Php 1,050.00

Flawless Stem Cell Day Cream
Php 750.00

Oh yikes. I'm acne-prone... Does that mean I can't use this? I'm currently using some facial scrubs, which I use twice a week... Hmmm... Maybe I'd still give these a shot, if I get major breakouts, then I'll just discontinue. :)

I also got a free facial and waxing trial voucher

And a Php 500 discount voucher which I can use when I avail products or services amounting to Php 2,000.00.

And there you have it! I have mixed feelings with this box since I would like to try this out but at the same time I am turned-off with the "you can only use this for a month" part. But since I will be using this everyday, maybe a month is all it takes to finish all three items.

So what do you think of the Flawless Exclusive Saladbox?
Have you tried this products from Flawless yet? Were they good?



  1. Ouch. Two of these (serum and day cream) are the ones they gave out at their Blogapalooza booth. I noticed they are expiring November as well, which is a little sad. The serum I really liked though, but the day cream not so much.

    1. Yeah, I like the serum too. The day cream is just too sticky for me. :(