Friday, October 31, 2014

MAC Lipstick in Blueberry Fizz

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I don't think I've ever celebrated the occasion though. Here in the Philippines, our tradition during November 1st and 2nd is to visit our loved ones who have passed away. Very different to the trick-or-treating and the dressing up in scary costumes. In some areas, mostly in the cities, we do have halloween parties and such but I've never attended one. I'm just that boring. Haha! Anyway, I would have prepared a makeup look inspired from a scary character but I've been too busy. I didn't even had time to do an NOTD that's Jack O' Lantern-inspired. :(

So I'll just share a quick swatch post of a lipstick that I really don't think is something that can be worn in an everyday basis, but I'm sure it would be cool to use during the halloween parties...

MAC Lipstick in Blueberry Fizz

This is actually Liz's but she doesn't know when she'll be able to use it. She let me keep it because I'm the one who likes to experiment with makeup.

We've actually used this in one of our makeup experiments before. Click HERE to see it.

At first look it would look like a really dark blue lipstick.

But when you place it under the light, you'll see a beautiful and shimmery sheen of blue.

On my arm

But when swatched, it's actually sheer. 

on my lips

I was actually disappointed with the results. I was hoping it would yield a very intense color. That would have been more useful to me for my makeup looks. I am not a fan of how this shade exposes every line and dry areas of my lips and the uneven distribution of the pigments. 

Some wear this by just putting on a very light amount to just give a cool tone on the lips and you'll barely see the blue pigments. It just makes the lips a little purple. It looks nicer that way. I think.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Hope you guys have fun on your halloween celebration! :D



  1. Ooo...what an interesting shade! I too was thinking it would be a full on opaque blue tone! But this is still great for halloween or an artistic look!

    1. Yup! I'm still thinking of a new makeup experiment where I can use this. :P

  2. What what, didn't know something like this existed. Try melt cosmetics DGAF. Hahaha, it's BAM blue!

    1. Oooh! I haven't tried that brand yet. Will watch out for that! :D

  3. Uwaa it's the shade I never try before

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