Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 Beauty Recipes (Skin Food) Saladbox

Hey loves!

My Saladbox for the month of March arrived this afternoon. I had mixed emotions while I was opening the package. Last month's box was a disappointment for me so I tried to lower my expectations and yet when I saw that the box was labeled with Skin Food's logo, I can't help but be excited.

The box was their usual box but with this cute Skin Food–Saladbox design. I like the Saladbox logo here with the lips on the letter O. It looks more chic and feminine and I think it is more suitable for a subscription box that delivers makeup, haircare, and skincare.

So let's open the box!

When you open it, you'll see the items covered with yellow crepe paper and sealed with a Saladbox sticker. There's also the usual monthly letter. Let's see what it says...

And here are the items included in the box plus the corresponding price of the regular size.

Everything inside is food for the skin! I'm currently obsessing with skincare so I'd like to try new products... who knows, I might discover a potential HG product!

Look at the pretty packages. There are boxes inside the box (lol). 

The first thing you'll notice among the items inside is this Black Pomegranate Premium Kit. It's the biggest and it also has this super pretty design.

And when opened, you get a complete set of Black Pomegranate skincare!

Black Pomegranate Toner
Black Pomegranate Emulsion
Black Pomegranate Serum
Black Pomegranate Cream

Watery Berry Gift Set—Toner and Emulsion

And finally, the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.
Excited to try this because it promises to exfoliate, brighten, smoothen wrinkles, and hydrate the skin! Probably why it has the words "perfect" and "No.1."

Cotton pads are also included for the serum!

And that's all. This box was a big step up from last month's box. I was left wanting more though. I know that Skin Food products are a bit expensive but I just wanna try more! Haha! I would also appreciate it if there was a full-sized product included like those from previous boxes... but I'm satisfied nonetheless! Thanks, Saladbox! :D



  1. I think you got great products here now. Its really exciting to open boxes like these for you are curious on the products in it. This is the reason why I subscribe in beauty boxes too =)

    1. Me too. But it's a hit or miss when it comes to Saladboxes. Hopefully they continue boxes that are as good as this... or better!

  2. This is actually very good. I hate them for stepping up their game just as I left. HAHA.

    1. Haha! Baka natamaan sa post mo. Anyway, I agree with what you said, if they continue to produce good boxes like this, I'll subscribe to them again. :D

  3. so good !

  4. Great one this time! I hate to see when the boxes don't give much or very useful products! This one looks like a great spread!

    1. It is good. Glad that Saladbox stepped up their game! :D