Friday, March 28, 2014

Look Good and Feel Good with The Body Shop's Best Face Forward Makeover

Hey dearies!

Last Sunday, I got to try this new makeover service from The Body Shop—Best Face Forward.

I was invited to try it out and they asked me which date I'd prefer to take it, which TBS branch, and what kind of makeup I would go for. But before I go to the makeover itself, let's see what this service is all about from their press release:

So basically, for the amount of Php 1,500.00, you get to have a makeover and also get products from The Body Shop worth Php 1,000.00. You get to choose which products you want as long as it's within 1k. You also get to choose what makeup look you want to get. They've suggested 3 looks which I'll share with you in the later part of this post. :)

I booked a schedule at their Rockwell Boutique. I was going to the BDJ Box Social event in the afternoon so I thought that it would be better if I book it in a pretty close branch to that venue.

It was my first time to visit the branch. I rarely go to Rockwell and I usually just hangout with friends and eat rather than do some shopping there. And since I haven't been here before, I took photos of the place first...



 They've displayed one of their newest products, the Moisture White Eye Cream.

 And also the products they recommend for the summer...

The Vitamin C range and the Shiso range.

And I'm also digging this brochure. It helps a lot in finding the right TBS beauty range for you. You're free to get one if you like!

And I'm also intrigued with this new product—The Lightening Touch Universal Highlighter.
I think they launch this a few months ago...

 It's a liquid shimmery highlighter that gives a very natural glow. You can apply it on the top of your cheekbones and nose bridge or other places that needs highlighting.

 Here's the product swatch

 And when blended. It's has a light beigey tone so it looks natural and it's smooth on skin. But I guess I'll try it out in another time. :P

And let's go to the makeover!

Every participating TBS branch has this makeover station ready.

You can see the looks recommended as well as some of the products that will be used in the makeover.

Here are the 3 looks prepared by TBS along with the main products that will be used:

I picked the Bloom'in Pink look. I told them this beforehand, when I booked the appointment.

The makeover took a good 30 minutes. Shiree, my MUA, was super nice and we had fun chitchatting while doing the makeup transformation. 

And here are the before and after photos:

It looks pretty simple but the eye makeup was an attention-grabber! Hot pink is LOVE!

 First was a light pink base.

 Then did a sharp eyeshadow using Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Berry Cheeky.

And then applied eyeliner and mascara! 

I'm all made up and ready for the event! Thank you so much Shiree and The Body Shop!

And oh, I also took home these lovely products!

Here's a list of participating stores and their in-house makeup artists:

So book a session now (especially those who have events like graduations or birthday parties) and enjoy the makeover and the makeup goodies from The Body Shop! Don't forget to schedule your appointment 2 days before the makeover date!

If you avail this service, Tag/share with us your before and after photos! We'd love to see them. :D



  1. That eye makeup is very in season. Cherry Blossom makeup look :D

  2. Sana may event ako... I would love to do this but only if it will be super sulit!

    1. Sulit naman especially since you can get makeup din. You tried it pa so you know how it works. It's like you only paid 500 for the makeover. :D