Monday, March 10, 2014

Kanebo Coffret D'Or MagicalFlat Concealer

Hello loves!

Wanna know how I deal with my enlarged pores when I put on makeup?
Well, I just use this beautiful little tube...

Kanebo Coffret D'Or MagicalFlat Concealer

Bought it for only Php 600.00 when they had their Christmas sale in the main office of Kanebo Philippines. It's probably 1k+ on its regular price.

Info on the product from a website:
- Formulated with Change Block Fixer
- Formulated with Poreless Powder
A pore concealer that controls unevenness and shadows on pores as well as shininess with just a single application.
Spreads on with a light feel, yet thoroughly covers pores. Maintains smoothness on skin for hours, creating to a long-lasting beautiful finish without shininess or clogging pores.

Here's the product.

It's a thick and creamy but it feels silky once it is spread out.

It's fragrance-free and gives a smooth, soft finish on the skin.

It covers the pores easily. Look how it covered the lines of my hand!

You only need a pea size for the face. Just concentrate on the areas where there are enlarged pores. For me it's the cheeks and the nose. Check out how it performs on me on the next few photos.

Bare cheek

with the product

With foundation and powder on top

My cheeks look like they're photoshopped! I also applied the product on my nose and forehead.

More photos below:

And after 8 hours, I took photos of the areas where I concentrated the product on:

My nose

My cheek

It helps control oil, prolongs makeup, and even if it "covers" the pores, it doesn't clog them up. I don't experience breakouts when I use this. I am super in-love with this product! 

I've tried other makeup primers that help with covering pores, but this is one of the best I've used so far along with Benefit Porefessional. I'm lucky I got to try this. I wouldn't have bought this if it weren't on sale. I'm just too kuripot. Haha! 

So what do you think of Kanebo Coffret D'Or MagicalFlat Concealer?


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