Sunday, March 09, 2014

Canmake Pocket Rescue Cleansing Stick

Hello dears!

Good news to all eye makeup lovers out there (like me). I just discovered this really neat product from Canmake that will surely fix those makeup mistakes in a jiffy! No need to ruin your gorgeous eyeshadow just because the wings of your eyeliners are uneven or if you get some of your mascara on your lids. All you need is a little stick that fits right in your pocket!

Canmake Pocket Rescue Cleansing Stick

Not sure how much this is in the stores because I got this from a loot bag I received when I attended their Spring and Summer Collection Launch.

It's really small and handy. Perfect for traveling and for people who are on the go.

Here are some info about the product from their website:

Quickly cleans up and repairs your make-up.
An oil-based cleanser in a meltingly-smooth stick format!
Contains 46% plant-derived ingredients. Melts into a rich oil that removes make-up without rubbing!
Perfect to deal with eye make-up shed and waterproof make-up that has run or bled, as well as for changing your make-up!!!

Contains sunflower seed oil (emollient agent) to maintain moisture
An oil-based cleanser in a stick format
● The stick melts and turns into a liquid, quickly melting into even the softest areas of skin and those that are trickiest to reach, allowing you to remove your make-up smoothly.
Cleanses thoroughly
● Plant-derived sunflower seed oil feels gentle on your skin, protecting it against dryness.
● Even removes waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick.
Handy to carry around
● The slim stick format fits easily in your make-up pouch, so it's handy to carry around.
● Allows you to remove just part of your make-up when you're out and about, without any fuss.
Formulated to moisturize and care for your skin
● Contains 15 beautifying and moisturizing agents.
● Contains 46% plant-derived ingredients. Smooth texture provides long-lasting moisture.
● Paraben-free, synthetic-pigment-free, fragrance-free.

STEP 1 Blend directly in a circular motion into the area where you want to remove the make-up.
Use the edge to get at tricky areas!!! 
STEP 2 Use a tissue or cotton pad to gently wipe it off.
STEP 3 Use a tissue to wipe off any product remaining from the end and keep it free from impurities!
♥For dewy, moist skin without stickiness♥

Here's the entirety of the stick. It may seem short but you wouldn't need to use a lot to deal with those makeup errors. It can handle those long lasting eyeliners and even water-resistant ones! 

Check out how how it works in the photos below:

Eyeliners from top to bottom: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Ransom, ArtDeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof 10, and Styli-Style Liquid Liner 24 in Green

I swiped the cleansing stick a couple of times and wiped it with tissue and got this result. It cleaned the first three liners neatly. Yay!

 I'm not surprised with the last one looking like it's untouched. It is the hardest to remove among all the eyeliners I've had... Even my oil-based makeup removers have a hard time cleaning this up. I rarely use it because of this.

I have LOTS of love for this product! I love eye makeup the most but it can be tricky to apply and is probably the part of makeup application where one can get many errors but with a handy product like this, makeup can be a whole lot more fun!

Any thoughts on Canmake's Pocket Rescue Cleansing Stick?



  1. I know this entry is about the cleanser but I just can't resist... where on earth did you get that last eyeliner? I'm sure you know that in our trade makeup that does not move is good as gold!
    The Mrs. Diaz Chronicle
    Maita Atienza Makeup

    1. That is true! The Styli-Style Liquid Liner 24 in Green is available in Beauty Bar for only Php 150.00 (when I bought it). :)