Monday, March 24, 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Soap

Good evening ladies,

Recently The Body Shop launched a bunch of honey-filled products and gone and tried a couple of them. Today, I give to you the Honeymania Soap.

The shape of the soap is quite interesting as it mimics the cells inside a honey comb. Also the design is quite simple yet straight forward and attractive. Sadly, like all soaps, once you use it, the design is no more.

Like all products from TBS, the honey is from Ethiopia as a part of their Community Fair Trade. According to their US website: 

Here's the full ingredients list:

- from

So this product promises silky smooth skin, luxurious lather, and a rich floral scent which for me, it meets 100%. 

The most outstanding quality of this soap for me was the scent. It is very very fragrant to the point that I did not want to use it as a soap and just leave it inside my closet as an air freshener. They weren't kidding with the honey coming from 1000 wild flowers. 

You only need minimal water to get the soap to lather up. At first I was a little sad that I couldn't chop up the soap into smaller pieces so I can maximize it, but after the first use, I realized I only needed a half a handful of water to wet the product and make it lather. After that, it pretty much works like a foam wash.

After bathing, the skin feels smooth, no film-y feeling, and no dryness afterwards. The scent lingers on the skin for at least 2 hours then fades off.

The soap does melt off quick so if you're using it, make sure you dry the soap thoroughly so that it lasts longer. I would not, however recommend it to anyone who does not like strong scents. Other than those, this is a great beauty soap to use.

Hope you guys try it out for yourself. Next time I buy one, I might just go with my plan of leaving it in my closet as an air freshener. :)



  1. Hi Liz! I really love how this soap looks like, and I'm planning to buy it just for that! I am encouraged by your review especially that it smells so good. I'm a sucker for good smelling soaps!

  2. I have not tried a Body Shop soap yet but this looks so nice! Just reading about it makes me think of a really yummy scent (and I love how yummy TBS scents are!)

  3. Hmmmm...interesting. I wanna try this out for it seems like a great one to try out. I have seen this in their shop but did not bother to check it out closely.