Friday, March 21, 2014

Sophie Paris Koshize True Secret Concealer

Hey everyone!

Sharing a quick swatch post of...

Sophie Paris Koshize True Secret Concealer
Bought this for Php 220.00 at

I was aware of the Sophie Paris brand but I didn't know about the Koshize products Sophie carries. So I did a few googling around and found their website that contains some product info:

Koshize True Secret Concealer naturally minimizes imperfection by covering sign of fatigue and aging for an overall luminous and healthy look.
Available Colors: KTSC1 (Medium Honey), KTSC2 (Natural Beige)

More info on the box

This is a very handy product, especially for travel, because it's slim and small that it fits any vanity bag. I bring this all the time with me.

What attracted me most about this product is the very warm, almost yellowish shade.

Swatch on paper
Swatch on wrist

The product is very opaque, thick, and creamy. It effectively conceals dark marks.

But I guess it is too yellow for my body color... but my face is a bit darker so it blends well. I usually top it off with powder that is my color.

I haven't encountered caking when I use this but I don't apply it in large quantities. I just put it on top of dark marks. I haven't tried it on dark under eyes.

So any thoughts on Sophie Paris Koshize True Secret Concealer?



  1. Naku, try the koshize lipsticks. My favorite-est drugstore lipstick. Kaso di sya technically drugstore dahil wala sya sa drugstore :(

    1. Oooh. I'll check them out then. :D Thanks for the reco! :D