Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bloom Lip Gloss in Girlie

Hey dears!

I'm fond of shopping discounted products so whenever I enter a store, I always check if they have a promo on-going. Two weekends ago, I went to Beauty Bar, Glorietta 2 and was in luck that they had items on sale. There weren't much that got my interest but there's one that I just had to buy just because of the shade's name. 

Bloom Lip Gloss

And the shade is...

It's sort of an inside joke in our office. My workmates were laughing when I brought the lippie the next work day after buying this. I would love to share why it's funny but I better not. Lol

Anyway, I'll just share a swatch post on this lipgloss. :P

I bought this for only Php 253.75. Regular Price was Php 398.75.

I think I've mentioned in my Firsts post that my first ever lipgloss that I bought was from Bloom. It was during my 3rd year in high school and I was 15 years old. And this particular lipgloss is only my second lipgloss from the brand. It took 9 years before I bought another!

I do like Bloom's glosses. They smell fantastic and moisturizing. The shades are pretty and the texture is good. I guess I'm just not into glosses! I'm a lipstick girl all the way!

One of my 'cons' for this lip gloss is the applicator. It doesn't hold much products so I had to dip around 4-5 times so I can get the amount of gloss I want for my lips. :P

So here are pictures of my lips with the Bloom Lip Gloss in Girlie:

Girlie is pretty plain and simple. Just adds that healthy pink glow on the lips with very fine glitters. I probably would just ignore it if it weren't for the name. I like my lippies very pigmented after all. But I guess having a simple lipgloss in my stash is nice... :P 

So I guess that's all. What do you think of Bloom Lip Gloss in Girlie? :)



  1. It's sooo cute! Ayaw ko na talaga ng gloss, pero this one's nostalgic kasi. Ito yung di ko maafford dati na kaya ko nang bilhin pero ayaw ko na. :))

  2. Helen - First gloss ko is from Bloom kaya may sentimental value sakin to. Haha! Pero not a fan of glosses too.