Sunday, March 30, 2014

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick in Wine Wellness

Hello dears!

Here's a lipstick swatch for this Sunday evening.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick
I bought this 3 months ago... I can't remember how much this is exactly but I guess it's around Php 200.00.

The shade is Wine Wellness.

It's in a plain black tube. 

Nothing too fancy but classy nonetheless.

Here's a closeup of the lippie.

A swatch on my hand

And on my lips

The shade does resemble the shade of red wines or at least the stain they make. It's like a deep, warm fuchsia that suits most skin tones. The texture is smooth and it doesn't chap my lips. It also lasts a while, probably a good 4 hours including light eating and drinking. It's a pretty good affordable lipstick and a wearable lip color too.



  1. looks like such a scary dark vampire shade in the tube but on the lips and swatched it such a beautiful winey red shade! Love it!

    1. True! Though a scary vampiric shade would still be awesome! :D I still like this shade anyway. :D

  2. the color looks gorgeous <3 lakas maka-snow white effect :)