Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review : Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes Palette in 06 Gelato Mint

Hey loves!

My favorite makeup product is the eyeshadow. I guess I've said that many times now. :P
I know many who doesn't wear eyeshadow because it's time consuming (especially if you prefer using two or more shades), some have difficulty finding what shade suits them, some eyeshadows tend to crease on the eyelids and ruin the whole makeup, and application can be quite tricky.

But I'm not one of them! Eyeshadow application is the best way to express your creativity when doing ones makeup and since I loooove to paint and mix colors, the little artist in me is always excited to do my eye makeup everyday.

And so I was super happy when I received an eyeshadow palette when I attended Canmake's Spring/Summer Collection launch.

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes Palette in 06 Gelato Mint

The palette is worth Php 640.00 which you can buy online via BDJ Box and Glamourbox, or at the Somera Boutique-Glorietta 2, Big in Japan Rockwell Powerplant Mall, and Digital Traincase, Ortigas.

I find this palette really cute because it contains mostly bright and shimmery shades. It looks so young, sweet, and fun! The clear plastic case and the princessy design adds more cuteness to it! I also like that the packaging is small and non-bulky. Perfect to carry with you when travelling! 

At the back contains a how to use guide. It's all in Japanese but there's an illustration which is very easy to understand. But just to make it easier for us to learn more about the product, here's some info from their website:

With just this one palette, you can create both natural-looking make-up that's perfect for school or work, and a more glamorous look ideal for going out!Offering the ultimate in everyday versatility, this new eyeshadow palette is something you'll definitely want to grab ♥

This moist powder feels great on your skin, achieving a highly-pigmented true-color finish.
A moist powder formulation, containing squalane(moisturizing ingredient or agent). 
Goes on smoothly and clings tightly to your lids, without shedding particles!
Just one application achieves a high-color finish that lasts and lasts without becoming dull!

Completely versatile, whether you want a lamé finish or a less glittery look!
Add translucent, luminescent lamé as a topping, like a piece of jewelry! 
Using it as an accent point looks even more stylish ♥

Recommended application method
Use the topping on your lower lids ⇒ Makes the margins of your lower lids look more moist 
and swollen, giving your eyes added impact and giving you maximum cuteness ♥
Use the topping in the center of your eyelids ⇒ For added definition and glamor!
No topping ⇒ Hold the lamé, for neat, natural-looking make-up!
Also suitable for school or work ♪

Choose your main color and alternate between the two styles, according to your mood 
"It's a short-cut! Nude colors that blend into your skin.
Achieve natural-looking make-up with the natural style (A→B→D)"
Perfect for school or work! Just a hint of lamé and color will achieve spectacular results in your everyday make-up!
It looks natural, helping you to perfect a neat, crisp make-up look!

"Break free of your tired, old make-up routine! Stylish, simple-to-use colors. Achieve glamorous make-up with the bright style (A→C→D)!"
Perfect for going out or attending special events! For bright, spectacular-looking eyes♪
Achieve perfect, pretty, elegant make-up that looks just a little different from usual!

Gelato Mint- An adorably refreshing color. For fresh, clear, translucent eyes ♥

It's available in 7 shades.

So as labelled at the front, you can create a bright style eye makeup using the mint shade as base and a natural style using the beige/peach shade.

Here's a closeup of the palette.

And it comes with a two-end applicator and unlike other free applicators, these are pretty good!

One end is a brush, best for the dark brown shade which acts as an eyeliner.

And an eyeshadow sponge applicator for the lighter shades.

Swatches of the eyeshadows
They have fine texture and are quite pigmented.

And I also took pictures of how I applied the eyeshadows in both styles that were recommended:

Bright Style:

Natural Style:

Both looks are so easy to do and they are very wearable especially this summer!
The eyeshadows can last very long if used under a good eyeshadow primer but without one, it creases on my very oily lids in a couple of hours... so just find a great primer and this palette is a keeper!

What I LIKE:

- Pigmented
- Youthful colors
- Packaging
- Fine texture
- Locally available
- Can create different makeup styles
- Easy to blend together
- Comes with applicator

What I am NEUTRAL about:

- Price
- This still needs a good eye makeup primer to stay longer


- None that I can think of

I'd like to try out the other colors too... or maybe try different palettes from Canmake. They just have so many cute products that I just wanna grab them all! But Liz and I are eyeing their newest eyeshadow primer. Hopefully we can get our hands on one soon. :D



  1. Ooooh! I love this! It looks so fresh! ♥ Now I want one! LOL

    ♥ Sabs

  2. An absolutely stunning palette! I've loved everything I've bought from canmake but haven't owned an eyeshadow from them in a long long time! I always want to get eyeshadows from them but then think of the neutrals I already have but I really think I need one eyeshadow palette from them! I love the mint pop!

    1. I haven't used much products from the brand but I really like the few ones that I have. I'm thinking of purchasing some foundations from them. :D

  3. is it dark brown? because it looks like a deep purple in my palette..

  4. I really want to try the eye shadows from Canmake and I love both the looks on you. I might have to get me one myself.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

    1. Would love to know what you think of it when you get one! :D