Friday, March 07, 2014

The Body Shop Flavoured Lip Gloss in Vanilla

Hello dears!

Here's a swatch post of a very fragrant lipgloss I got from The Body Shop.
It's the...
 The Body Shop Flavoured Lip Gloss in Vanilla
This 12ml tube is Php 595.00 and it is included in their current Spring Trend Collection.
They also have a pink rose gloss shade included in the Spring Collection.

I LOVE Vanilla so when I got this, I was so happy. But then I thought, wait... this is a lipgloss... will the color of my lips be the same as the shade I see on the clear tube? Well, you'll see on the swatch photos at the later part of this post.

Labels on the tube

I'm honestly not a fan of lipgloss in tubes just because I hate squeezing it to get the product out. I tend to squeeze out too much.

So here are the swatches:

on my hand

Beautiful shimmer! If this were an eyeshadow, I would totally get one...

on my lips

My lips just got the very sparkly and fine glitters from the gloss. The color is pretty much the same except that it looks like Tinkerbell passed by and threw fairy dust on my lips. I wish it had some tint that is not... gold and shimmery so my lips would look alive. I can only use this when I have a lipstick underneath because alone, it looks... dull even with the glitters.

Good part about this is it smells so good! The vanilla scent is there but it's not too overpowering. It only smells like vanilla but doesn't taste like one. It's tasteless. If it were, I might just eat the gloss. Lol

So, any thoughts on The Body Shop Flavoured Lip Gloss in Vanilla?


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