Monday, March 17, 2014

Blushing Brightly : Make Me Blush Nail Spa and Beauty Lounge

Hey loves!

I think I'm becoming more and more of a nail spa lover every time I went to one. Last Saturday, I was invited to try the services of Make Me Blush Nail Spa and Beauty Lounge. I was scheduled to try their manicure and full body massage.

It's a fairly new place located at Hemady Square, Doña Hemady St. Corner E. Rodriguez Ave., Q.C. It's right across the gym I used to go to so I already knew where it was the second I read the address. The place was easy to find, it has free parking, and other establishments were there like Starbucks, a hair salon, a bank, and a supermarket. I find it a great place to spend a weekend afternoon at. Plus, I heard that a pastry shop will open next to Make Me Blush. I can definitely see myself enjoying a cupcake while having a pedi session!

The Nail Spa is at the third floor of Hemady Square. The place is filled with bright colors so it really draws your attention when you pass by.

Once you enter the establishment, you are greeted by a cute and simple reception area. The owner, Alyssa, was there to welcome me. She was really accommodating and friendly and made sure that I felt comfortable the whole time I was inside the spa. I regret that I wasn't able to take pictures with her. :( 
Maybe next time. :)

Displayed on the counter are the services that the place offers. And there are lots of them! Besides nail pampering, they also do hair and makeup, eyelash perming and extensions, brow threading, massages, and waxing!

I'm definitely loving the bags at the top shelf. It gives that fun, bright look to the place.

You can also get a peek of the products they use in the spa. There's a display of assorted nail polishes and hair care products from L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf.

And just by standing near the entrance, you will notice the beautiful details of the spa's interior. Alyssa said that they were aiming for the 1960's look. I think the interior decorator nailed it with all the colors and furnitures. Every piece complimented each other—everything was a pleasure to look at.

I'm loving this green glass basket... and the chocolates in it!

The pink doors are so pretty with the floral prints. And the floor tiles matched the ceiling and the furnitures. Alyssa mentioned that they had the tiles personalized. 

The chandelier at the reception area was cute but what's even cuter were...

...these lights inside bird cages! I'm really impressed by these! Plus the colored glass candle holders inside were lovely! 

And then there are these fabulous chairs. Each having a different color and pattern. I was told that these chairs are actually at least 40 years old. Amazing, right? Vintage indeed! Alyssa got them revamped and she also picked out the colors and patterns for each one.

Beside a chair is a side table where you can place your things and it is also equipped with magazines you can read while having your nails pampered.

The chairs are partnered with a leg rest with the same color.

And they also have cute little lamps next to the chairs for added lighting.

Anyway, more pictures of the fancy chairs below:

And look at that pretty tea cup! That was served to me... I just love that even the tea cups were colorful.

And we're not stopping there. There are more areas inside the spa...

Here's the area where the hair and makeup services are done. The owner is actually a makeup artist as well. She used to do weddings and other events. Now she has her own place where she can still practice her craft. The makeup products they use are well-known, trusted brands like Graftobian, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Urban Decay to name a few.

For hair services, they do hair coloring, blowdry, and hair spa treatments. They also do haircuts and it's by someone from Vidal Sasson, US. I forgot to ask the name though... The fee is quite steep but they assure that your hair is handled by an expert and you will surely have no regrets. I'd love to see and even experience his/her work sometime. 

And then there's the massage room. The room was painted with orange and other citrus-y colors. Once the lights go dim, it looks warm and relaxing.

The beds are comfy and equipped with slippers, towels, and disposable shorts! Yes, DISPOSABLE! It's my first time to use one and I really like it. It's hygienic and it fits me! Haha!

So I first had my nails cut and cleaned. The person handling my nails is Joy. She has really light hands and she took care of my hands with ease. But we had to pause the manicure session. I was to get my massage first before I get my nails colored so that the nail polish would not get ruined during the session.

I was not a fan of massages. I've only had it thrice before this. I was just not comfortable with strangers touching me. But for this session, I was very comfy. Razeil, my masseuse, was very friendly and fun to talk to. We shared so much in common like our love of art. She used to represent her class and join art contests like I used to. She had amazing hands! The massage felt really good! Razeil has a certificate from Tesda and has been in the profession for the last three years so she really knows what she's doing. I was told that I had more than an hour massage session. I didn't even realize that it took that long. I was sooo relaxed and I really did enjoy the experience. 

And in case you are interested in trying Razeil's massage services, she's at Make Me Blush Spa everyday except Thursdays (her day off).

So after my massage, I got back to my fab chair to get my nails done.
I was given lots of colors to choose from...

and I picked this O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Blue My Mind.
Beautiful, huh?

It's been a while since I had my nails in blue and this color looks so good on my warm skin.

I love, love, love my Make Me Blush Experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and it did made me blush with joy (if there's such a thing). I do recommend the place and I'll be visiting it soon because it's just 20 minutes away from our house. Yay!

If you're interested to learn more about Make Me Blush Spa, you can visit their:

Hemady Square Unit 303 86 Dona Hemady Street Corner E. Rodriguez Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Phone: +63 2 234 9529

And here are the services and their corresponding prices:

And before I end this post, they have an on-going promo...

Avail a Foot Spa + Pedicure for only Php 249.00! This will last 'til the last day of April! 
So enjoy the discount and have a pampered summer!!



  1. Ohhh Dawn I wanna go here! I hope they will have a branch near my place. I so love the place. I wish my home will be in this theme someday :D

    1. Love the theme too! I hope they can open other branches as well. I like that this one is near my house.