Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Pinkies Collections Single Eyeshadow in Salmon

 Hey dears!

Just a quick swatch post again!
I bought this very affordable single eyeshadow that I'm actually using as a blush!

 Pinkies Collections Single Eyeshadow in Salmon

Bought it during my trip to Cebu where I first bought some items from the brand. The SA's there were super friendly and even gave me a free case.

It was originally cased on a plastic packaging with only the pan.
One eyeshadow is Php 70.00.

Labeled on the packaging are the production and expiration dates. 

Here's a closeup of the eyeshadow.
Have I mentioned that my favorite color is salmon pink? :)

Here's a swatch on my arm.
It's quite pigmented but a bit powdery. I barely use it on my eyes lately because I use it more as a blush!

Just look how pretty it is on my cheeks!

I just love this shade!

So what do you think of Pinkies Collections' Eyeshadow in Salmon?
Would you rather use it as an eyeshadow or a blush as well?



  1. Lovely eyeshadow! I love the color of salmon, and lilac! I'll check out Watson and that brand in the future!

  2. pretty shade! I also do the same with my WetnWild single shadow in Penny. I use it more as a blush than a shadow, since it kinda looks similar to the Balm's Hot Mama... hehe

  3. aww, it look so pretty on you =)

  4. I super like the shade and how it blended on your cheeks! where did you buy it?? watsons?

  5. I have a few Pinkies single eyeshadows, and so far I'm liking them. I like their slightly shimmery ones like yung blue and purple. So gorg. Will check out this shade next time :)

  6. Bunni Hunni - Hope you find something you like!

    Hollie - Will check out Penny! :D

    Janet - Thank you! :)

    Em - At Watsons Cebu but I've seen their stalls at MoA and SM San Lazaro.

    Aya - Yes. They are very pigmented and affordable! :D