Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MAKEUP EXPERIMENT #9 : G-Dragon (From 'Monster' MV) Inspired

 Hi guys!

I convinced Liz, who has a very busy schedule nowadays, to do a makeup experiment with me! Yayyy!

Since she got her hair dyed a little on the reddish side, we chose a peg that has the same or at least close to her hair length and color and ended up with this look...


Our peg is another guy (yep... another boy version makeover, just like the past 3 makeup experiments I did). He's a member of the only KPop band that Liz and I listen to...

G-Dragon of Bigbang!
And since he has like hundreds of different hairstyles, we chose his look during their 'Monster' MV.

Here are our pegs...

We had a hard time deciding which makeup to follow. It's most probably the same but the lighting effect makes the eye makeup look different in both pictures.

We wished that we could have dyed her hair redder but that's not allowed since she is currently doing her duties in the hospital (she's a med student FYI). 

Anyway, here are some of our shots...

We tried to use a 'lip ring' using an earring but it's quite hard to position it on the lips since it kept sliding off. Haha!

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Liz Mercado
Model : Liz Mercado
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room

And btw, I also did a drawing of the 5 members of Bigbang as requested by Liz a long, long time ago!

So what do you think of the makeover? I hope it can pass as a pretty decent experiment... Haha! 


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