Monday, May 06, 2013

Review : Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Hi loves!

I'm currently loving makeup primers/bases right now. They just make my look better in terms of finish and lasting power. Though you have to be careful of which product you use since I believe one has a different effect depending on your foundation/ BB cream you use or even your skin type.

Anyway, I received these two bases from Etude House during their Sweet Recipe Launch and I have to admit, these are really good! I'm in-love with them! I think these are my favorite products from their Sweet Recipe Line!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
This is Php 678.00 each and is available in 3 shades - Mint Choux, Berry Choux and Peach Choux.
Has SPF25 and PA++. A jar carries 25g of the product.

Description from Press Kit:

Allure: Choux cream textured makeup base supplies moist, bright 
coverage for flawlessly soft skin.


Moist, Creamy Texture (Silicone Elastomer Gel)
Flawless Brightened Coverage
Sebum Control
Mint (Ideal for Acne/Problem Skin)
Berry (Ideal for Pallid Skin)
Peach (Ideal for Darker Tones)

The box it comes with is just too cute! 

The ones I have and will be sharing my thoughts on in this post are the mint choux and peach choux shades.

And the packaging is gorgeous! I don't think I can throw it away when I used up all the product! Though this can be bulky and a bit heavy if you intend on carrying one around in your bag. I do wish they have a spatula since dipping your fingers in the jar isn't quite sanitary.

Mint Choux - For those with redness on the skin usually from acne or some skin irritations.

Peach Choux - Ideal for warm toned skin. 

Both of them differ in scent (mint and peach) but are both sweet! I loooove how they smell like. But no worries for those who do not like scents in their face products, for the fragrance these products have are barely noticeable when applied.

Here are the swatches:

Peach Choux and Mint Choux on my arm

They are very creamy but lightweight. Easy to spread and blend!

Below are pictures of my cheek before and after application (I used Mint Choux):

The redness is gone and my face, brightened! It even covered some of my acne scars!

All the shades have almost the same effect. They offer a bit of coverage, they brighten/whiten the skin, gives a dewy glow, somehow conceal pores for a smoother looking skin especially when a foundation/ BB cream is applied on top. Just be careful on how much product you put since too much can make you look super pale.

It doesn't do much on oil control but I usually wear a foundie that has that, so no biggie for me. These bases help my foundie/ BB cream look better and stay longer without caking! Though the peach and the berry choux can be worn alone (I think the mint one can make you look too pale on its own even in small amounts).

What I LIKE:

Brightening effect
Good coverage for a base
Prolongs makeup
Makes my foundie/BB cream look better and more natural
Dewy Finish
Cute packaging!
Delicious Smell
Creamy and easy to spread on skin
Can be worn alone!
Price is reasonable
Locally available
Available in 3 shades

What I don't like:

It can be quite unsanitary if you just dip your fingers in the jar since it doesn't have a spatula.

Would I purchase this when I run out?
You bet I will! But I guess these two will last me a long while. I surely recommend it to all those who have dull skin who needs an instant radiant finish and extra glow. It really is one of the best makeup bases I've tried so far. :D

Have you tried Etude House's Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base yet?
Which shade do you like the most?
What makeup bases do you use right now?



  1. I have mine in berry choux and I love the effect it has on my skin. Sooo worth the money I think. :D

  2. I like how the "Peach Choux" one is supposed to be for "warm toned skin", but will end up making you look whiter nonetheless, haha. It's what I have too. I wanted the green one, but they don't have it in SM Makati.

  3. I'm torned between this one or the revlon colorstay whipped.

  4. I'm this close to giving in a buying this product hahaha!

  5. I'm this close to giving in a buying this product hahaha!

  6. I really love that product so much cause it gives such a perfect complexion, you can do away w makeup!

  7. Still waiting for the Mint Choux to come out in the Eastwood branch. Maybe I'll just go out of my way to the branch that has it. Would you have any idea which branch currently have stocks?

  8. I want to try the Mint Choux Dawn kasi mapula ang aking nose and chin area :)

  9. Dawn, you can get a mini spatula at beabi for just Php 20. I think Landmark and Daiso can even go cheaper than that :P

  10. I've heard a little bit about this product, and am planning on purchasing it soon. Thanks for the great review!! I'm a new follower, check out my blog please? <3

  11. Thank you for sharing! I have just added the mint one to my ebay basket after reading this review, I can't wait to try it out - new follower :)

  12. Thanks for the warm comments, girls!

    This product is probably my favorite not just from the Sweet Recipe line but in the whole product range... well, at least compared to all the products from the brand I've tried. :P

    Hoping those who plan on purchasing this like it as much as I do!

  13. Ari- I guess it's just because it gives the warmest tone out of all three? Haha! I guess I just advise the darker toned beauties out there to use a foundation of their shade on top of this. Doesn't have to be heavy coverage. Just to even out the skin.

    insideacatsmind- I can't help with that since I haven't tried revlon's! I'm willing to try it though! :P

    Tellie - Thanks for the tip! Will look for a small one.

  14. I see it works well for you!
    But sadly, this is too dry for my skin...

    1. Awww... sorry to hear that it doesn't work for you. :(

  15. Waaww looks so great this product ♥♥

  16. I'm really planning to buy this but the oil control part really makes me hesitate...Anyway, I really like the brightening part. Nice review!!

    1. I know what you mean. I'm always on a look out for primers that control oil.

  17. Great review! I really want the mint one but it isn't available in the Philippines so I got the peach choux instead :) I followed you :) Please follow me as well :>