Saturday, May 25, 2013

EOTD : Summer Bloom

Hey beauties!

Remember the makeup goodies I took home from a Virginia Olsen event? Well, I wanted to use three of their newest eyeshadow shades in my eye makeup for the day.

Here are the shades:

Puppy Love, Midnight Glam and Prom Night.

These are from their 2013 summer collection. You could view the other shades of the collection here.

I also used one from their existing collection, Baby Roses.

I just think this is such a pretty shade! It's like something a fairy princess would wear!! :D

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows that will be used for this EOTD.

I chose to have a light and wearable look for this EOTD since I'll just be at work. I decided to have something cute and feminine but I really wanted to use a lot of Midnight Glam since it is my favorite. I guess it's just too dark so I'll most probably make a different EOTD with that shade next time.

I took shots of the steps I did for this EOTD. It was my first time doing eye makeup with mineral eyeshadows so I guess I'll leave it to you to judge if I did good or not. Haha. :P

After applying primer (I used NYX HD Eyeshadow Base) to my lids...

Apply Puppy Love on the majority of the lids from the inner corners to a little bit over the mid part.

Apply Prom Night at the outer areas of the lids. 

I added Baby Roses on the inner corners of my eyes and on the inner areas of my lower lashes. Also add some more Prom Night at the outer areas of the lower lashes.

I also added a very little amount of Midnight Glam in the sockets of my eyes. I guess it is barely noticeable since I just wanted to my eyes appear a little more deep set.
I also applied a black gel liner with a soft flick and a white matte eyeliner on my water line.

Just add mascara and some more cleaning and blending to finish the eye makeup.

Here's what the EOTD looked...

I guess I did achieve the feminine and wearable look for work, do you agree?

It was quite hard to manipulate the mineral eyeshadows since it tends to fall off from my makeup brush. Make sure to use a tissue and place it under the eyes so that the pigments won't fall on your cheek. I also realized that mineral eyeshadow doesn't work well on top of another mineral eyeshadow... or maybe I was just doing something wrong. If you're an expert on this, please do teach me! :P

My eye makeup isn't all done yet! I decided to put some false lashes to add more drama...

And that's my whole look!

I used a soft pink blush and lipgloss to create a refreshing and 'blooming' face.

And oh, I also used Virginia Olsen's Bronzer Wood Matte for contour. :)

Anyway, here's a closer look at my final EOTD:

But my bangs kind of hid the eyeshadow... :|

Oh well. But it's nice to see the pop of purple whenever I blink or close my eyes. 
The mineral eyeshadows were fun to use and I'll be practicing and playing with them more. I have other shades in my stash and I plan to do more looks with them. So far, I like the pigmentation but for staying power, it tends to crease after some hours on my oily lids. :P

Anyway, what do you think of my EOTD?
Did I do good on my first try on mineral eye makeup?
I would appreciate if you could recommend ways on how to effectively apply mineral eyeshadows and how to prolong their staying power.



  1. Such a pretty EOTD! ^^ All that purple and the falsies really opened up your eyes. ^^

  2. Omg, I love how you winged your eyeshadow out and those lashes are sooo lovely!

  3. The green one is GORGEOUS!

  4. CJ - Yes, it's my fave shadow from the 2013 collection. :)