Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GirlStuff Magnetic Nail Polish

Hey guys!

I've been curious on how these magnetic polishes work since the first time I saw one in a blog some months back. I wanted to buy some but I was controlling myself from spending money since I was unemployed until two weeks ago.

That's why I was so glad that GirlStuff was willing to give me two of their Magnetic Nail Polishes! They even let me pick which shades to get.

So here are the two polishes I got. Ice Queen and Pixie.
 I even chose different magnet patterns—one stripes and one spiral.

These 11ml polish + a magnet is around Php 250.00.

The photo above shows how these polishes are packaged.

At the back shows the ingredients list.

But you can check the back of the packaging so you can read it better.

The bottles are also labeled with the manufacturing and expiration dates. These polishes have a long shelf life of 2 years.
I like Girlstuff polishes since they don't have harmful chemicals which makes them safe for kids and pregnant women. They won't turn your nails yellow and quite affordable too!

So let's see what these polishes look like on my nails:

I used the spiral magnet here but it was quite tricky to determine which part of the magnet was the center of the spiral. :P

I even added gold tips on my nails to make them more regal. 

Ice Queen

 The spiral was easier to use and I got these bold stripes with 3 coats of the nail polish.

I'm so in-love with these items! It's like instant nail art!
For more info on GirlStuff, check out their Facebook Page. :)

 Have you tried Magnetic Nail Polishes yet?


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