Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Missplpify's Birthday Celebration!

Hey guys!

Today was my good friend, Iya (Missplpify)'s birthday! Yayyyy!

She invited me to her birthday celebration at Persian House, Magallanes for lunch.
I haven't been to that resto before but I'm aware of the place where it's located and I was glad that my bro was kind enough to drive me to the venue.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the birthday girl and I get to meet her friends and family. After a few minutes, my blogger self can't help but take pictures of the place and the food!

Just look at her cake and the cute little Iya cupcakes! 

 First off, the interiors of the place...
The place looks so warm and comfy...

 Tables were decorated with vases with these flowers...

 What I like most of all are the patterns on the walls and even on the table cloth!

And here comes the food pics!!

 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remember the exact names of the food. :(

YUMMMM right!?

I forgot to take a picture of my shawarma... I ordered a chicken one. :( 
boooo me.

Just look at this sinful chocolate cake! O_O

 The pink cupcakes are so cute... and yummy too! The strawberry frosting was so delicious!

 The pic on the right contain these blueberry cheesecake-like cupcakes! Good thing I took one home. It was delish as well!

We also had a cup of Golden Spoon's yogurt. We get to pick what flavor and toppings to eat. I just digged-in when I received my cup. I just love every scoop of it! Perfect for the summer heat! 

After a refreshing meal and fun conversations, we sang to the birthday girl...

Happy Birthday, Iya! :)

 The beautiful girls I get to hang with during the event!
(Ms. Jen (founder of Snoe), Iya, Trina, Teena, Andee, Ana, and Henri)

 and finally, a picture of me with the gorgeous celebrant!

And before I end this post, I get to take home this pretty bottle of perfume from Iya... 

I'm not gonna go to details since I will be saving it for a seperate post. For now I would just say that it has a fantastic vanilla scent that is very long lasting (I can still smell it on me after 6 hours!). Stay tuned if you want to know more on this. <3 font="">

It was really a fun day of delicious food and good company.
I even got to go to Ms. Jen's house after the party and saw a quick peek on some pictorials of the new Snoe products. Yay! She was also kind enough to drop us off at Glorietta! Thanks, Ms. Jen! :)

So I will end this post now with a shout out to Iya!
Happy birthday, girl! Stay gorgeous as always and see you again soon!
Thank you again for inviting me to this very special day. Love ya! :)



  1. yummy foodies! looks like you girls had fun ^_^

  2. Thank you so much Dawn for coming to my birthday! You're such an awesome friend and really appreciate that you took the time to go even if I know you'd be busy that day. ^_^ Thank you so much for blogging about it! ^_^

    Love ya!



  3. this looked like a fabulous birthday! I love Persian food!

  4. Hollie - We sure did!

    Iya - You're very welcome! Love ya too!

    Life's a Shoe - I love persian food as well! Yummm!