Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lipsticks I Own/ed Affordable at Php200 or LESS!

Hi beautiful people!

Less than 2 weeks left before Christmas!

Lippies are the talk of the town lately.
Even I want to buy all sorts of colors whether they are matte, shimmery or glossy!

But for a student like me, I can't afford to buy much high-end lippies. So I try the more affordable ones. 
And in this post I will share with you the lippies I find actually good at a very affordable price!
These finds would also be a great gift choice for your kikay love ones or even for yourself this Christmas!

First on my list is: 

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey - Php145.00

 on my lips

 Swatches on paper and on skin

It's matte and pigmented. Although it is quite drying on the lips and not as long lasting compared to some matte lippies I've tried like NYX.
I also had another shade -- Off Beat! I like it as well but I have a lot of lipsticks that has almost the same shade so I gave it to a friend. :)

4U2 Dream Girl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick - Around Php150.00

 on my lips

 Swatches on paper and on skin

I apologize because I can't remember what shade this is. Haha! I've had this lipstick for a long while now.
What I like about this lippy is it looks really nice if you want to have a simple and pretty look. It's sheer but the sparkles add a little 'umph' in the look. It's moisturizing as well. But not as long lasting.
Sophie Martin Collection Matte Lipsticks -- Around Php70-80.00

 swatches on skin

  VERY affordable Matte Lipstick!
a more detailed review here.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Melted Sun - Php199.00

on my lips

 Swatches on paper and on skin

One of my favorite peach lipsticks! Avon is actually one of the lipsticks I bought when I started collecting makeup. They are indeed very moisturizing!
I've also had the shades, 'Heaven' and 'Barely There'. :)

San San Soleil Lip Colours --Peach Ibiza, Nude Carribean and Pink Tropics - Php109.75

swatches on skin

Also a favorite set of lippies of mine. The Soleil Lipstick collection completes any look especially if you are going to a simple, natural look! It's very moisturizing as well! I even substitute it as a lipbalm when I'm at home. :P
My favorite is Nude Carribean but Peach Ibiza is not far behind!
More detailed review here.

San San Creamy Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout -- I bought it for Php88.00 during the Great at 88! Sale but it's on sale now for Php70.00! It's around Php100.00 at normal price.

on my lips

 Swatches on paper and on skin

I first thought it would be a dark pink color but it sort of looks like in the reddish tone. :P
It's not too matte. It still has a little glossy effect when I wear it. But it is moisturizing enough. It doesn't dry my lips unlike my other matte lipsticks. I also love the scent!
My friends think I look "blooming" whenever I have this on so I always have this in my kikay kit! My friends also want to have one... Guess what I bought as their Christmas gifts??? :)

What do you think of my tried and tested affordable lippies?
Do you know some more good lippies in a low price you can share?



  1. Super agree with your choices! I have most of these lippies and they're really ok for their prices :)

    The Sophie lippies are on my list now :D

  2. Thanks, Aya. Go try the sophie Lippies! For me, it's a bit hard to find a sophie store though so it's easier to just buy them online. :P

  3. great choices! Affordable too :]

  4. Sa list mo, I have Sophie Martin, Avon, and (mentioned naman) NYX round lippies as mga below 200 lippies! Wala pa akong Ever Bilena mattes grabe! Wishlist ko na yun. :)

  5. aww you looked good with that avon shade! it's a unique shade and I also love avon, classic eh walang kupas :))

  6. Thanks, girls!

    Janine - I've only tried two of EB's matte lipsticks. Ok naman sya.

    wickeRmoss - I love that shade very much! And also agree that avon is a classic na. I bought a lot of avon makeup when I was starting to collect my makeup stash. :)