Friday, August 05, 2011

Review: Sophie Lipsticks

We've been obsessed with lipsticks this past few months which can be seen from the recent posts we've made. My sis and I have been buying lip products, mostly lipsticks, more than usual and these lipsticks from Sophie's Collection are one of those purchases. We bought these around 3-4 months ago. We wanted matte colors and saw these online and bought them (Their lipsticks are actually one of their best sellers). 

More info about Sophie Martin products here and here.

Here's what I think about these lippies:

(From left to right)
* Mango Peach * Summer Pink * Blushy Pink * Ice Pink *

Swatches on skin (From left to right)
* Mango Peach * Summer Pink * Blushy Pink * Ice Pink *

Mango Peach

Summer Pink

Blushy Pink

Ice Pink

What I like about them:
  • Very pigmented.
  • They're matte!
  • Affordable at Php79.00
  • Long lasting especially the Ice Pink one. :P

What I don't like about them:
  • Not moisturizing. My lips get chappy fast.
  • Limited branches although you can order online.
  • Packaging isn't cute and the designs get scraped off over time.

Design of the lippies are easily scratched off. :(

I like them if I'll use it during those mini pictorials we do because my lips look amazing with these lippies on! But I barely use it when I go out because I hate having chappy lips (even with lip balm, I still get chapped lips after a few hours). Although the colors really look good that's why I just can't let them go. :P



  1. i love mango peach.
    im a sucker for peach lipsticks.

  2. MSodapop - I love peach as well! I always carry one with me all the time! :)

  3. Nice! I'm not familiar with the brand but they look really nice. I like the shades :D

  4. I can definitely see myself wearing blushy pink :)

    Thanks for sharing this dirt cheap find. I don't know much about Sophie Martin

  5. I was aware that they were selling bags and wallets. It was only when we found these lipsticks that I got to know they also sell cosmetics. :P

  6. you should try paparazzi pink it's one of the bestsellers. the packaging sucks but what I do is to not remove the plastic cover on the tube and using a cutter cut through where the cap and tube are connected.

  7. Thanks, Bibzki, for that tip. I'll see if i can get my hands on that paparazzi pink one. I saw that there's a branch of Sophie at St Thomas Square while I was eating sa McDo Morayta. Haha. I'll try to visit there and hope that there's one in stock.

  8. the mango peach looks awesome btw. :D

  9. I also love the shade of mango peach. (pink+brown+orange) ^_^

    I actually have all the J'adore "matte" lipsticks but most of the shades were stolen by friends and siblings (just kidding! they borrowed and never return, very nice ayt?!) though it keeps my lips drying too bcoz of the mattefying touch, shades were all awesome plus very cheap. If I have time... I'll post the other shades I have from sophie. bilang lng kz ung sophie lipsticks ko before na naka-post sa blog ko.

    ...nwyz, two shades left with me after arborin mga lippies ko. I buy again. since it's not a problem for me to get another coz I'm a sophie member. ^_^

    but now I'm keeping my 6shades with me... (hindi ko na kinumpleto magkakahawig nlng din kz kaya ung mga piling shades nlng ang meron ako). I have here:
    (1) velvet nude, makes me look natural and nde ako look pale. :D
    (2) ice pink, long lasting pink, LOL!
    (3) mango peach, semi-orange, xoxo!
    (4) russian red, pale blood-vivid red, long lasting red. ;p
    (5) blushy pink, lighter pink, last after 6-8hrs (now paste out! and lucky for me that I get 1 before it last! ~ no worries! summer pink is the other light pink shade of sophie)
    (6) fantastic red, darker red-vampire red, last 3-4hrs.

    -(misplaced!) red wine, reddish violet (I was thinking if I'm going to purchase this again or the caramel sugar nlng ulit kz both reflects violet).

    btw, sis try to put plain lipbalm or clear lipgloss for the finishing touch... It won't dry lips easily. ^_^

    To sis bibski - I'm a member of sophie since May2010. I saw paparazzi on the catalog that month and been tested it on the tester area too... but when I order it... it was out of stock na dw. Month of December2010 I came back to the head office to buy j'adore lipsticks assorted pang-regalo ko but they told me that papaazzi was paste out already... :( tpos bago lng ung blushy pink nun. madalas kz I purchased magic pink creams lng kz I sell it online. sakin nga dapat ung paparazzi eh, ehehe! nwyz, exciting p b un? wla n kz sa mga catalogs un. thanks! :)

  10. Mestizah, thanks for the tip! I haven't tried the other shades. I'm still trying out other matte lippies out there. But maybe if I come across one of their stores, I might buy one of those that you recommended. :D