Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My "Great at 88!" Experience ♥

Hi Ladies!
Today, I was given this generous opportunity by HBC to get so many of their products -- from skin care, hair care to cosmetics! We've been using a lot of their products lately and we are really loving them. So I was really excited for this day. 

I was invited to go to their branch at SM San Lazaro wherein I can get some of the products included in their "Great at 88" Sale. Every product is worth only Php88.00! That's right! Very affordable! I was able to take home so much!!

I took some pictures of my experience:

 HBC SM San Lazaro Branch :)

 I went with my best friend, Liz. See how happy she is? She's carrying some of the bags that contained the products I got! 

 Here are the products included in the Great at 88! Sale. You'll indeed shine through the rain with these different products like hair dyes, hair care, skin care and whitening (Body Recipe), and makeup (San San and Allue).

Me with Heidi. She assisted me during the whole time I was browsing around. She's very accommodating which made it easier for me to decide which products to take. :)

And here are the stuff I got!!! Yaaay!  :D
 I immediately opened some of the products and I sure am happy with them! Can't wait to try everything else! Some of these we've used before so I'm just repurchasing (like the Hortaleza Professional Hair Colouring Cream) while the others are things that I've not used before. Can't wait to test them out, especially the Skin Lightening Powder!

 I got 3 of their San San Age Defense 2-way Cake Powder Foundation in 01 and 02 (which I think is such a great deal since it's almost slashed to half it's original price), 2 San San Pressed Powders in 01, a San San Concealer in Olive and San San Lipstick in Pink Pout (which I think will be one of my most used lipsticks for now, I just love the shade).

 I got an amazing batch of their Body Recipe products. Heidi said to try out the Body Whitening Powder so I took all the scents available! My sister really loves their Body Scrub too and the Milk lotion smells fantastic!

And of course I got their Hair Colouring Cream. We've been using them since we first tried it out! :) If you plan on buying these as well, don't forget to purchase their oxidizing Lotion! :) Also got their Shampoo and Conditioner in Apple.

I was really blown away on how much I got to take home! Actually, I still am! All of these only cost around Php2,000.00. It's an amazing deal so why not go visit the HBC store nearest you and experience for yourself this really GREAT sale! The "Great at 88!" Sale will last 'til August 21, 2011. :)



  1. Wow. Thanks for the info. I want to grab a lot of hair coloring products and I've always wanted to try their hair treatment stuff.

  2. You're welcome, Rae! Enjoy shopping! :)

  3. That is a LOT of BC products. I can only imagine how awesome you felt shopping around and seeing all those products on sale glaring at you. :)

  4. So true, Pammy! The products are so many that I can't decide which to take. I went back and forth to the products over and over. haha! :)

  5. I love hbc. Affordable! Especially the body eye cream and their treatment oils! I love the black pelan one :))

    I wonder if the hair color's nice
    :) So far I'm loving revlon luminista :) really nice

  6. I haven't tried those yet. But I got the eye cream from this sale. I like their hair dyes. It can color my hair evenly, plus very affordable! :)

  7. Such a great deal! :) I do love that the pressed powder and the concealer isn't heavy on the face. :) Happy make up find! :)