Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What's In Your Kikay Bag?

As a woman obsessed with makeup, I always carry with me a cosmetic bag or as most Kikay girls call it, Kikay Kit!

I'll be sharing you what my cosmetic bag has inside.

I don't often change what's inside of my it. I put those makeup that usually looks good whatever look I'm sporting during that day. I'm only at school most of the time anyway so I don't need to bring a lot. :P

This is my Kikay Kit.
Yes, it's very jammed up like a pack of sardines in my small purse. Haha!

My bag is actually a freebie from Majolica Majorca. ♥

So what's inside it?

Oil Control Sheets
because I have super oily skin. :P

Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder
Very good for retouching! It takes care of the shininess of your face and it's translucent!

Of course, some tissue!

Hand Sanitizer
I love this one but I have no idea what brand it is. I'm about 90% sure that the smell is Sweet Pea.
My mom gets a lot of these from Med Reps. :P

The Body Shop Roseflower Blush

E.L.F. Corrective concealer
Not really a fan of the coverage, but it saves the day when something goes wrong with my makeup (like when it rains or so).

Cranberry Joy Lip Balm

A Synthetic Powder Brush
I sometimes use it as a blush brush too! :P

MAC Eyeliner Pencil in Bountiful Brown and a Wet N Wild Eye liner pencil in Black

And a San San Lipstick in Pink Pout!
Although I ALWAYS bring the lippie I used for the look, I always have this one with me because it just looks good on me when something goes wrong such as when my eyeshadow gets smudged big time! Haha!

And that's about it!
I just toss in the lippie I originally used and also the perfume in my bag. If I will be gone too long, there'll be a travel size toothbrush and mouthwash and the like inside too. :P


I just painted this last weekend.
It's Acrylic on Canvas.
My thesis has been taking all my time and my hands were itching to paint. 
So I did! I gave myself a few hours to do what I want to do for quite a while now.

So after 3 hours I finished that painting. I'm so relieved that I did. I'm getting kind of sick with my thesis always on my side. Haha. :P

So what's in your kikay kit? How do you like my painting?
Anything interesting you did last weekend?



  1. Love Pink Pout too! But I think I love Nude Brown more :D

    I just recently started bringing a powder brush in my bag. Changed my life. Haha

  2. I haven't tried their Nude Brown yet. And powder brush in the Kikay Bag is SUPER handy talaga! I feel that my kit is incomplete without it. :P

  3. now i want to check out sansan lippies.. :D

  4. Hi donnarence! Try mo! It doesn't chap lips kahit matte sya. And it's very affordable! :)

  5. i love love the body shop cranberry lip balm!!! AH! i'm ENVIOUS!!! anyway, i think i need a decent bag for my kikay kit to be more complete. as of now, all my make up stuff are strategically located in certain areas of my school bag. :) :P