Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 5 WINNERS of HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas

Hi girls!

Week 5 of HBC's 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas is officially over!

I've read your thoughts on the question:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 
true or false and why? 
This week is actually the week were I received the most number of answers! Yayyy!

And I'm very impressed with all the answers submitted. Some were quite lengthy and some were very straight to the point! Made it difficult for me to choose which one was the best!
Personally, I find that statement true. Beauty is subjective and that it really depends on the person, time, place, culture, and other factors. 
So on with the winners,
My favorite answer is from...
She said:

"It is a trick question. Beauty depends on a person's point of view, what one person likes, the next may not. Then again that same person may like something one day, and hate it the next day. It is not a question of how you see things. It is a question on how you take it.

I can also call this question as an expression, for it simply means that beauty has no set meaning. Beauty is just purely observer-based. I can relate beauty to the saying, "to each his own". Because beauty can be interpreted by different ideas from different people, it can be according to his biased genetic, emotional, cultural, and social needs. Most people know they understand beauty, but it can be judged through each individual's mind's eye.

In conclusion, there is no "right or wrong" answer in this big question. Every bit of answers given by people can be agreed correct due to their own opinion."

I super agree with you. I can't explain it any better. 

And our 2nd winner for this week is
bel sarmiento!
She said:

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The answer whether it is true or not, is like how one actually defines what is beautiful from what is not. An OC person may see a blob of ink as a mess, but for an artsy fartsy, it’s a masterpiece. That OC person may see the other as a weirdo, and so goes vice versa. It’s all a matter of perception. Whatever it is to you that resonates as beautiful is the gage you use to see beauty. It can go far deeper from what the eyes can see. And so goes to EVERYONE having each of their own set of standards, having its own sets of reasons behind it. Beauty is just like the answer to this question, is deep within one’s own opinion—something we all have and no one has to question.

Let’s take it to a simpler note, bakit ang mga kulot, hindi magkanda-ugaga magparebond? Tas ang mga straight eh inlove na inlove magpapakulot? Bakit ang boyfriend mo eh ang pogi pogi sa mata mo kahit na sabi ng friends mo eh hindi? O, bakit hindi mo type yung boyfriend ng kaibigan mo kahit na pinagpipilitan niyang pogi yun kahit na mag-FO pa kayo?:) Well, simply because beauty is in EVERYTHING. It exists and differs merely in the mind which contemplates them. It is still in the monopoly of the eyes which sees it. And that is what makes life more interesting. :)"

Pamela Jaira Flores and Khrizia Sarmiento

I will be leaving you girls a message in your email! Hope you can respond within 48 hours! 
Thanks for joining this week 5's giveaway!
Excited to see what's in store for week 6? 

Stay tuned!

Have a happy, beautiful Christmas!


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