Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY Hair Coloring with Schwarzkopf!

Hi girls!
Some months ago, my sister was in Germany. Some of her 'pasalubongs' were Schwarzkopf Hair Coloring Creams.

A few days ago, my sister wanted me to try one of them. I actually didn't want to since I was scared it will affect my permed hair and make it less curly. But she still ended up persuading me. Oh well...

 Schwarzkopf Hair Coloring Cream in Blonde

Here are the materials inside the box

*I looove the conditioner that comes with it!

 Here's what hair should probably look like when it's done:
 Unfortunately, my hair is black. Haha! So I'll have to wait and see what mine will look like after the whole process. :P

The process of coloring is very easy. I've been doing it for years now and you've seen several posts of me and my sis getting our hairs colored. Even colored some of my friends' hair too! :P

So here's how I did it:
  • Be sure to wear a dark/ old shirt. It tends to get messy especially if you have long hair.
  • Mix the coloring cream to the bottle then shake it 'til it's evenly mixed.
  • Wear the gloves. No one wants weird stains on the hands!
  • Apply to hair. The application is different if you've already colored your hair or if you are just gonna retouch it (It's been a long time since I colored mine as you can see in the next picture).
  • Wait for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes longer depending on the hair structure.
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse! Then conditioner after!

That's it! :P

I left the cream on my hair for only 20 minutes. The formula is VERY strong!! My sis is the one who uses blonde colors on her hair cuz her hair needs stronger doses for it to absorb the color. I usually go with burgundy or reddish brown colors. That's why I was in-shock when I saw my hair getting super brown in just a few minutes!

So here's what my hair looked like before i colored it.

And here are a few pictures after the hair coloring process in different lighting:

 Indoors with minimal lighting

 Outdoors where it's bright and sunny!

 And in an intensively lit room!

I'm glad of what my hair color turned out. If I let it stay longer, my hair would probably be blonde right now! Haha! 


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