Friday, December 09, 2011

Repairing Broken Eyeshadows

Hello, fellow Makeup Lovers!

I super love eye shadows.
Just recently I even bought some as my Christmas gift for myself! Haha!

I love playing around with colors and all. So I actually find it easier to spend my money on eye shadows compared to other makeup.
Which means it hurts... a whole lot... when my eye shadows get broken!
I'm sure most of you have experienced this!

One of my broken eye shadows. :(

And then i read a comment from Isabel on my previous post about repairing my broken eyeshadow.
I was like, "you can fix broken eyeshadows?!"

So I googled about this and it led me to watch this video by ericaleung13.

I like this video because it's very easy to follow. She showed the whole process step by step. So a big thanks for this very informative vid! ♥

I hope this helps those who got their hearts crushed when one of their beloved eye shadows broke (it surely helped me).


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