Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 6 WINNERS of HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas

Week 6 of Peachy Pink Sisters x HBC's 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas is over!

 Week 6 is all about a flawless skin.

I struggled... well still struggling with mine. I have acne-prone, oily skin.
And a very handy foundation is a must-have if you want to look flawless!
That's why the featured products of the week are San San Mousse Foundations.

So who are the lucky women who will take home these products?

My favorite answer came from :

she said:

"I feel most flawless right when i wake up in the morning and my husband tells me how beautiful i am! Having someone you love and care about tell you how beautiful you are even if you just got up is priceless! Natural beauty!"
 Isn't that sweet? I wish someone would tell me that as well when I wake up every morning. Hahaha! :)

And our random winner is : 

 she said:

"I feel the most flawless when on days that I get enough sleep and have put on a really good night cream. Those are the days when I feel like I don't need that much make up on. But on days that I don't have that luxury of sleep and I run out of cream, I can always trust my all reliable foundations and concealers to make everyday feel like my flawless day. I don't have that much blemish on my face to cover up so some really good foundations and concealers and a little coverage gives me enough boost to feel like I have the fairest and most flawless skin in class. :)"

Lovely Joy Merced and elizabeth mercado!!
I will be leaving you girls a message in your email! Hope you can respond within 48 hours! 
Thanks for joining this week 5's giveaway!

Stay tuned for Week 7!

Have a happy, beautiful Christmas! 


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