Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NOTD: 'Tis the Season!

Hello pretty readers!
I just love the Christmas Season... 
Almost everything is well decorated.

Even our nails!
I've been seeing quite a lot of NOTD with Christmas themes...
and I'm jealous!
So I did my own version as well! :P
Here's what mine turned out!

Here's what I did:
I used a pearly white nail polish as my base.

Painted my nails with acrylic. I painted different Christmas ornaments. :)

And coated it with glittered clear nail polish.
My sis preferred it without glitters though. But I had to put some because it somehow covers the parts where I kind of messed up on my right hand nails. I'm a rightie so painting using my left hand is haaaaard. :P

And another thing that made me happy that it's Christmas is...

 I got a 2012 planner!
I got it as a Christmas Present from my brother (how sweet)!



  1. Aww!! They're adorable!! :D I dunno if I have enough creativity to try this..LOL

  2. Thanks! Just need a lot of concentration and a steady hand when applying the paint! I struggled a lot when I was doing my right hand! LOL

  3. You're so good in drawing on your nails! I can never do that. Haha