Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: San San Soleil Lip Colours

My San San Soleil Lip Colours

These lippies are included in the San San limited edition, summer inspired makeup line. I've had these lipsticks for almost a month and I've been using them often and interchangeably everytime I go out (usually when I go to school). I like them because it comes with 3 different colors and each of them looks good with the different styles I do. Plus, they are easy to wear since they are somewhat in the neutral side. They aren't one of those matte lipsticks that are quite popular these days. They have somewhat a glossy finish. 

San San Soleil Lip Colours --Peach Ibiza, Nude Carribean and Pink Tropics

Swatches applied on skin.

Applied on my lips:

Pink Tropics

Nude Carribean (My favorite!)

Peach Ibiza


  • They come in 3 different colors
  • Affordable -- Php109.75
  • Has SPF25
  • Available in HBC stores which is very convenient for me since we have one near our house (SM San Lazaro Branch)
  • Somewhat moisturizing
  • Safe colors --- very neutral
  • Smells good.


    • It does some lipstick bleed after a long while
    • Not a fan of the packaging :P
    • Is not that long lasting -- have to reapply after a few hours or after eating and such
    • If you're a fan of tasty lippies, then this isn't for you. lol



    1. I don't like the taste of these lippies. But the shades are really nice and wearable. I have the peach one :DDD

    2. your lip swatches are really pretty. would love to try it. maybe ill get one

    3. I've seen lotsa Peach Ibiza on blogs and it is really a pretty shade. :P

    4. Aya: Yeah, it doesn't taste nice but it smells good! :P

      Belle: Thanks! :)

      Pammy:It is. I don't really like orange tones much but this one made me like it. :P

      Shen: Thanks! :D

    5. wow spf25, that's pretty high considering most only offer 15. i like the peach one. thanks for sharing ;-)

    6. I like the pink tropics! I'm into pink shades nowadays and I think the shade is very feminine. :)