Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 7 WINNERS of HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas

Monday is here (Oh how time flies)!!

So how was your Christmas?
Did you get what you want for your Christmas gift?
I surely did. :P
Well, 2 more people will be adding more stuff in their 'Christmas gifts received this year' because they just won  8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Week 7!

 And their prizes are these awesome nail polishes from San San!

Who are our lucky winners who answered this question :

What’s your secret to fab-looking nails?

None other than...

*drum roll*

Gizzele Alfonso and Anna Wamilda!!

Here are their answers respectively,

"My secret to my fab looking nails is olive oil, I put the olive on my nails before I go to sleep so that it will become strong and shiny. And also I don’t let my nail polish last for more than 3 days because it can cause yellow discoloration on nails."


"My secret for having fab-looking nails is very simple i just use hand lotion to keep my hands and nails moisturized and soft and of course trimming my nails. I'm not really very kikay when it comes to taking care of my nails. But when I want to add a bit of spice to my nails I put on nail polish especially a red nail polish to add sexiness and sophistication! :)"

Congratulations, girls!
 Thanks to everyone who joined. :)
 Week 8 which is also the last of the series of giveaways from me and HBC will be posted soon !
Join, Join, Join!! :)


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