Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrating and Shopping(?) at UST Paskuhan 2011

 Beautiful isn't it?
It's one of the shots I took during the Paskuhan Celebration I attended last night. :D

 Just look how beautiful UST is during the Christmas Season. 

 The Main Building looks fab with purple and gold lights!

 And I celebrated the night with my college friends!

  Since most of my classmates were busy with our thesis, we didn't have a class Christmas party. So our barkada just planned an exchange gift. Although it was hard to find each other because of our different schedules, we were able to give each other what we wanted (with the aid of everyone writing their wishlists). I got these fabulous Nail Up Crackling Nail Polish and this very chic cocktail ring! :)
It's actually my first time to try a crackling polish so I'm very much excited to use them, especially the red one. I think it would look so nice for the season! Yay!

 Of course there are live bands playing throughout the night --Rico Blanco, Urbandub, and 6cyclemind to name a few. The crowd was extra wild too! Everyone was ready to party!

 There were a few who even brought some lanterns!

And the night wouldn't be complete without the much awaited Fireworks diplay!
Here are some of the shots I took:

 Songs such as 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele and 'Moves like Jagger' by Maroon 5 were playing during display which lasted around 7 minutes! :)
There were also stalls that cater food and things like clothes, shoes, accessories and much more!
 It was really fun browsing the stalls but the place were overly-crowded! We had a hard time moving!

 But I still saw some unique and fancy things in the 'tiangge.' 

 My friends and I were able to buy some accessories from one of the stalls. I got to chitchat with the owner while I was browsing the items. She was also a Thomasian so she gave quite a big discount for us.

 Here are the items I bought:

 Vintage necklaces and a cute pair of cat earrings!

 I just find this one soooo pretty! Would totally look nice with most of my clothes!

 2 of my friends also bought the heart necklace (friendship necklace!!) and it was only for Php50.00! The violin (or maybe it's a cello?) is for my bestfriend, Liz. :)

And I just find these kitty earrings so adorable!!!!

Although I had better Paskuhan Celebrations before.
It was still a very great night to remember. :)
Thanks to my awesome friends who were with me during the whole night of partying and shopping (And also during the day of prettifying!)!

Happy Holidays everyone! :D

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