Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update: On ÷Cracked Eyeliners, Skin Regimen, Makeover

1. What is up with the humidity?! We sisters are both shocked that MAC Fluidline in Black Track and the Maybelline Gel Eyeliners (both in Black and in Brown) cannot stand up to all the moisture this season. We thought there might be something wrong with the way we were putting on our makeup. Are the shadows bad? Is the Kryolan Eye Primer not working anymore? Or are our lids just too darn inhumanly oily?! 

... But wow, even our non-oily friend Anna can't make her line stay put. So yes, the weather should be blamed for bad makeup. Cracked up eyeliners are ugh!

2. This is Tracy speaking, and VMV Hypoallergenics Superskin Set 3 (Oily Skin) is BAD. I utterly hate the system with a passion. 

See, I've been on Beauche and I have consumed three sets. While this line is effective in preventing acne and treating discoloration, it is also too strong that it makes my face red all over. So I decided to switch to a gentler set. But after three weeks of using VMV, it gave me cystic zits on the chin, a couple on the cheeks and the forehead. And I've never had those for more than 8 months now. Must be allergic to Coconut Oil!

Skin Nazi for Me! =(

I've gone back to my nightly ritual of using Beauche products. In the morning, I've started using The Body Shop Natrulift (Cream Cleanser, Facial Wash, Softening Toner, Firming Serum, and Firming Day Cream). While I know it is meant for more mature skin, I can't help but use these items because: (1) I feel my face is aging fast, because of all the harsh regimens I've been on to treat my problematic skin in the past (which includes Accutane, Obagi, Glytone, etc.); (2) I need a line that helps rebuild and moisturize my face without making me break out.
I use all the items recommended during the day when I'm at home and makeup-free. When I am going out, I limit myself to the Facial Wash and the Day Cream (which serves as a very good primer). After a week --- my skin texture's better and is getting clearer, I don't get cystic breakouts anymore, and I have minor zits only (because it's almost the time of the month)! Not as red as a TO-MA-TO well. So far so good!
Watch out for the upcoming giveaway we'll host very soon at Peachy Pink Sisters... And you may get yourself The Body Shop's Natrulift Firming Night Cream, pegged at almost PhP 1, 795.00!

3. Dawn's best friend, Elizabeth, is demanding a makeover again! Haha =) She wants to get punked up this time around. Ideas, ideas. 

Liz wants to be more cool and maangas than this!
That's all for now. New posts coming up very soon!

Trace and Dawn


  1. Oh wow! The first pic, is pretty and "ugly" at the same time. I don't even know cracked eyeliner exist, and now I see one! Crack that looks like chipped paint!

  2. Ha Fish Fish! Yes, my sis and I were shocked to experience chipped eyeliner this week... Eek! =( Not pretty at all!

  3. woah! ang init talaga ngayon noh?! try mo pencil eyeliners sis, and set it with eyeshadow of the same color..

  4. Yeah. Thanks for the reco sis =D Pencil liners and shadows crease on our lids badly. Liquid eyeliners might help us too =(

  5. I've been a loyal user of VMV products since the 90s -- especially Armada and their bath products. Sadly I am also not hiyang with the VMV skin care kits because accdg to my Derma I have very sensitive skin, But I do have some guy friends who are super hiyang with it and have amazingly clear skin! So I guess, it's just really not for us.

  6. Kira - Eek! The search continues =( Sayang talaga! I don't think I'll be buying anything from VMV anytime soon..

  7. Sadness talaga :( I love their foundations and the Id Monolaurin Gel though. I added you to my blog roll too :)