Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review: Glitter Glue = Kryolan Eye Shadow Base

Get ready for an amazing discovery! I am talking about the magical powers my sister and I found out about:

Eye Shadow Base 10 ml

The excellent durability of eye shadow colors can be even further enhanced if Eye Shadow Base is applied thinly and uniformly onto eyelids before application of eye shadow.

See, there are particular products that just won't stay on - I'm talking about glitter products. And no, not MAC Pigments but shining, shimmering, sparkling glitter. We own one in our stash that we have had a problem with:
The Body Shop Sparkle Roller Ball.

Problem: We can't get the sparkles to adhere and stay put! It scatters everywhere on our faces that we look like misplaced ethereal creatures (of course, maganda pa rin hahaha). We've used both cream and powder shadows as bases, and although they help a bit, they only do so for a while. After an hour, the glitter's all gone from our eyes and have migrated to our faces! So thank goodness we've tried Kryolan and discovered the difference it makes...

This is so beautiful and fairy-like when used appropriately. 
For pretty swatches of this one, see:

Without primer 

Without primer, then smudged 
(where where where has everything gone??)

With primer 
(sparkles prominent and pretty!)

With primer, then smudged 

the sparkle stays put like wow! Look at how pretty sister's eyes are!

The sparkles stayed on for 5 hours on her. Truthfully, some did fall out but enough stayed to keep up with the look.

A caveat before you finish reading: My sister and I have never used any primer specifically for the eye area. Upon purchasing this, however, my lemming for UDPP has been extinguished! Eyeshadow and eyeliner stay on better on our lids because of this product - fading has been minimized but not completely eliminated (with our climate's humidity and our extremely oily lids, we're not expecting too much). Good enough!

Reviews on this particular product vary from praise to rant. Check out the following:


  1. Oooh interesting! How much was this?

  2. i'm glad it worked well for you :)

  3. wow the eye makeup looks pretty! i love shimmery eyeshadows.. im currently using UDPP but I don't like the packaging.. maybe i'll try this or TFSI next time.

  4. Hi Liz! It costs around 600+ at Kryolan locally. But I got this one (loot sale) through Girltalk.

    Crystal and Khymm - Thank you! =) This is a nice, cheap find!

  5. I have tried 4 different eye primers so far, and some how I reach for UDPP the most often eventhough I hate their packaging. I will buy this to try if I am lucky to come across one. I wish I can like glittery stuff better.

  6. Hi Fish Fish :) Do try it out. Yes, I've noticed you prefer more toned down FOTDs =D

  7. thanks for linking back to my site sis!

    I am so in love with this. It keeps up with my performances in the theatre. I'm about to finish my first tube at last, after 2 years. :)

  8. Martha! Of course =) I actually consulted your post before getting the item! Cheers! =)