Saturday, October 30, 2010

And Then There Was... Black? Review: Revlon Colorsilk 50 Light Ash Brown

Hello everyone!

After reading the review of Revlon Colorsilk of herroyalbleakness (with the gorgeously colored hair I've always wanted), I went to Watsons on the exact same day to buy a bottle of the exact same product. 

See, I've never had the opportunity to sport colored hair (and I've been dying to!). I've used 3-4 boxes years ago of Garnier / Revlon / L'Oreal hair dyes (always with a medium tinge) but they would never work on me. See, stylists have always commented that my hair is just too black. So... the genius in me figured that if I use Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color in 50 Light Ash Brown, I'd end up with a medium or a dark brown tint. Good enough for me.

My hair condition? Since I chopped off 2/3 of my original length, my hair is totally unprocessed, color-wise. I just have around 4-5 inches of regrowth since my rebonding session last June at Affascinante Salon

I followed all the instructions, except that I left the product on for an hour until I felt my scalp get itchy, because I know just how stubborn my natural hair color is!

Post-color result? Still Black. With a slight sheen of brown!

Oh no! And I'm wearing a nanay housedress too!

Girls, what should I do next? Should I wait for December (when I get my regrowth rebonded again) to get a boost of color from Affascinante Salon? Do I go to a very good (ack expensive!) salon to solve this problem? 

Any tips? 
Please, I just want color but without bleaching my hair dead. 
But I also want it... Now (Brat mode)!!!



  1. hi tracy my hair is super black din before i tried coloring it with light brown no effect.. my friend told me to try blonde.. yay it worked.. i think you should wait muna before you color it again..

  2. Hi Donna! Gosh, yeah I stalked your blog na and saw that you tried Hazel Blonde? Hmmm.. I'll visit and see if Light Ash Blonde could work for me.

  3. oh, trace, sorry that the effort was put to waste. an hour is the right waiting time, actually. i dont know what exactly went wrong.

    i used to have super black hair before (uve seen the nene pics, LOL). i totally don't know what happened in your case... however, if light ash brown didn't work well for you, 54 must go right na. if you're anywhere near trinoma, do consult the colorist sa beauty section.

  4. I think my hair is just really... well, black. Haha! I was rated the highest level of blackness when Weng (Affascinante) saw my hair or something. Parang destined na for bleaching!

    I saw your nene pic nga (with your endearing dog!) and that's the reason why I bought this shade - kasi parang we're the same level of hair blackness!!

    thanks for the tip though. might try the hortaleza suggestion, i think 12% oxidizing solution plus light ash blonde can make a big difference. next week siguro :)

  5. wow, you were typed 'uber black hair' by a hairdresser. wow. maybe you shouldn't change hair color after all. i think it's kinda rare.

    best of luck with retouching the disappointing light as brown. i do hope that your next project goes well. :) hugs.

  6. hi trace, i agree with donna. i think u should try blonde. I have a friend who was very hesitant to try blonde because the swatches in the salon looked very light but the colorist somehow convinced her. Surprise! She's loving it!

  7. hi trace, i agree with donna. i think u should try blonde. I have a friend who was very hesitant to try blonde because the swatches in the salon looked very light but the colorist somehow convinced her. Surprise! She's loving it!

  8. Hi Trace! I use Revlon too. The recent one that I used is in 53: Light Auburn. :)


  9. Hi Chas! Will take your tip. Thank you =) I've been wanting to sport colored hair for quite some time and I think the "blonde" range can help me achieve this.

    Hi Mia! Glad to know you're using it and I hope it works great on you!

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  11. Long but worth it: Hi, first I must say that I personally do not favor revlon because the quality is not good. If you want results I suggest you use l'oreal preference. If you use feria be careful because it is very strong. For your situation I suggest you try l'oreal preference ultra light ash brown, it is meant to lighten very dark hair. You may need 2-3 sessions/tries before you get a nice brown. It might be a little orange or red toned at first don't be discouraged try again, You have very healthy hair. Wait about a week before trying again and DO NOT wash your hair. Use loreal everpure line of shampoo and conditioner, it will keep your hair sooo soft and the color for your dyed hair pure. It is specifically made for color treated hair. Never wash your hair without conditioner, and if for whatever reason in the future you find yourself with a color mistake or have one now, I reccommend you use color oops a color remover which is not bleach, it will shrink the color molecules out of your hair so that you can immeditely recolor with a new dye that same day, but you need to follow the directions to the word! And choose a shade that is 2 or three times lighter than what you want because your hair will have it's pores very open and will absorb alot of the color and if you are not careful it can turn black. I reccommend using a protein filler before redying after the color oops. Good luck!

  12. Thank you so so much for all your tips! :) I really appreciate it. I think I have found my local brand though...

    I was able to finally lighten my hair:


  13. Actually, the longer you leave on the dye before washing it off, the DARKER it gets. That is probably why your hair still ended up black. You left it on for an hour - way, way longer than the recommended time. For hair as black as yours, it is actually recommended to go for a much lighter shade - even blonde, to get brown hair.

    As for your comment about hortaleza, that is the first dye I used and I loved it. It definitely lightened my hair. But by now, I am so frustrated by it since it is now OUT OF STOCK literally ALL THE TIME. The only available shades are the dark ones, which I don't favor. I am highly suspecting that they have discontinued the lighter shades. Such a pity, since it's a highly affordable brand.