Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeover: Tatie in 20 Minutes!

What I am most thankful for? 

The opportunity and the talent to do quick makeovers!

I was asked to put makeup on my friend, Tatie Aquino (co-layout designer of our blog) for the Cervical Cancer Awareness parade in the UST campus. Because my friends know my love and knack for prettification, I was given the task to do the sweet makeover job super-fast  in a span of 20 minutes... And I guess the outcome is successful. No edits at all on the photos below!

Here is Tatie before:

Here is Tatie after:

20 minute makeup!

Items used:
Dollface Cosmetics 88 eyeshadow palette
Dollface Cosmetics Contour Palette
MAC Fluid Line in Black Track
3CC Lipgloss in Warm Lavender
The Face Shop Liquid Foundation
Sue Devitt Studio Triple C-weed Loose Powder in Great Sandy Desert

This post serves as my entry to "I Draw For A Living's October Giveaway" by Lizz Buenaventura.