Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello readers!

I’ve never been the adventurous type when it comes to pampering myself – I always stick with the basics that I can do at home; hence, the posts on my favorite soaps and scrubs. My requirement is simple: I want smooth, soft, even-toned and bright skin. 

Though DIY products are great and readily available, the curiosity to know the difference between them and spa procedures is overwhelming! And I blame that on Kinny Salas’s column (specifically the articles Truly white—not just lighter—skin and Where to go for skin lightening, though I can't afford most of her promising recommendations anyway! But I still read her because I am consumeristic like that) and the blog entries of Shen and Pink Urinal on the Forever Flawless Body Scrub with Bleach

So finally, last Sunday I dragged my friend Kath so that she can get a massage and I can try out a body treatment. We went to Qiwellness at Makati, a relatively new spa that opened last January 2010 and specializes on massages and reflexology. 

First impression? Qi Wellness is very different from the usual dark and woody oriental spas. The entire place is light, clear and airy. The scent is citrusy and tangy (not like the minty / eucalyptus smell that assaults you when you get a massage at Ton Ton's or some other Thai massage places).

The interior was designed to maximize the space!
I became very curious about trying out a body treatment when I read from their online brochure that the:
... Body treatments perk up skin color and clarity, unclog the follicles and pores, allow the skin to breathe better, improve and smoothen the skin’s texture, and stimulate the skin’s overall function and increase our circulation.
Sounds good! Again, because my mantra is "smooth, soft, even-toned and bright skin," I chose to go for: 

P1,680 90m 
Mother of pearl powder, for centuries 
considered the symbol of wealth and beauty 
of the far east,  bestows smoothness and 
luminosity in this flowing and exfoliating ritual. 

Me: Pre-Treatment
These are the steps that I went through, which were comprehensively explained to me by the owner and by my therapist (who was very considerate and helpful) as well:
1. A 30-minute exfoliation of the body using Dead Sea Salt and Phyto Cream. You have to strip nekkid and use disposable underwear (don't worry, you can do this privately). Afterwards you'll be asked to lie face down, and then the therapist will apply the salt-cream combo starting on your legs, back, arms, and then you'll be asked to flip. The same process is followed face-up.
The body treatment ingredients
2. A quick shower (no soap). Yes, there's a shower in your private room! You'll be given a new pair of underwear too.
3. The application of the "mother of pearl" - nacre - which composes the inner shell layer of a pearl. This provides the "iridescence" in the treatment, and is applied the way the salt/phyto cream combo was done. Because this isn't your usual bleaching powder, I did not experience any itchiness or stinging.
Pretty on the shell, but powderized for you, of course.
4. A 20-minute wrap to make sure the mother-of-pearl goodness penetrates the skin! This is accompanied by a very good head massage that can lull you to sleep (yes, I fell asleep haha). Add to that, the music was very relaxing and the room scent's clean and sweet. 
5. A quick shower (with soap). New pair of disposable undies again =)
6. Application of a non-sticky, lovely-smelling, light moisturizer.
The result?

Yes, the In2it Powder Foundation in Warm Beige looks awesome on natural light.
Wearing my favorite lipstick,
Shu Uemura Lolishine Rouge in 359 Deep Raspberry Twinkling in Silver.

Overall, my first brightening body treatment has been excellent. That explains the happy face, folks! Though nothing was applied on my face, you can see my arms and my decolletage look smooth and luminous. Kath even remarked that my skin looked rosy white and soft (not sticky-soft as if you've just applied body oil, but baby-smooth if you catch my drift).

Another plus? After being chatty as usual, I learned that their lovely receptionist, Bea, came from the same school where Kath and I graduated and that we had common friends. This little realization really took out any intimidation left in a novice like me from trying out a spa service in a chic spot in Makati! 

Anyway, I've also asked Kath to write about her massage and she'll oblige. Wait for that, folks! (I am actually envious because I want a massage too, I have so much on my plate right now. Grr all the stress!)

If you're curious and you want to check out Qiwellness, here are the deets:

Qiwellness  |  massages + reflexology 

Picasso Suites, 119 L.P. Leviste Street 
Salcedo Village, Makati City 1200 
Tel. 556 1818 
Tel. 836 3688 
Cel. (0916) 793 6666 


P.S. After two days... my skin still feels soft. The brightening pearly-effect was temporary, but nonetheless I think the exfoliation allowed for my skin to become more even-toned. I just had my arms waxed and I am happy to say that they look flawless! Honestly, I don't think I will get that addicted to getting weekly body treatments, because I'll probably need massages more since I can't do that by myself LOL.


  1. You looked glowing on the picture. Must be a great treatment. :)

  2. Thank you Pammy! =) Yes, this one really made my skin glow. Very different from the effect I get when I just use a scrub at home =)


  3. oh,you're so lovely! your skin looks great!^_^

  4. So sweet of you Locke! Unfortunately I still need the power of makeup to fake it :) Your skin is actually nicer than mine =)

  5. So sweet of you Locke! Unfortunately I still need the power of makeup to fake it :) Your skin is actually nicer than mine =)

  6. you've got great skin even before the treatment!

    that fab spa treatment made you look pretty all the more! pearly white talaga!

  7. Thanks dearie! :) Now I want to get my hair colored like yours too. I think I'm gonna turn whiter pa hahaha =)