Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Of course, we haven’t forgotten the followers! Again, because it’s sembreak already – teaching stint is over for T, and exams are all forgotten by D – here’s another giveaway!

Win These Prizes for Following and Answering a Question!
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Lotion 60ml
Watsons Bird’s Nest Essence Facial Mask 30ml (3 pieces)
Jordana Kohl Kajal Lipliner in Terra Cotta 1.3g
Ystilo Salon Healthy Hair Conditioner
Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in 20 Bashful Plum 1.8g
Clinique GWP Blush Brush
Personi Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Lipstick in 156 Coppercino
Skin Food Patiron Au Lait Cream Sample
Skin Food Gold Caviar Cream Sample

REQUIREMENTS (We will check!)
  • You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect (2nd box, right column of the page).
  • Comment on this entry with a response to the question: “What is your favorite PPS entry?” A two-sentence answer will do.
  • Include your name, GFC name and email address on the comment.

Reminder: Only comments on this particular entry will be entertained in the draw for followers. If you wish to join the contest for bloggers (better bigger prizes!), please enter here:

That’s it!

The person with the best answer will be selected by the sisters on November 19, 2010 and will be notified through email. Delivery or meetup will be arranged according to availability.

This contest is for LOCAL READERS ONLY (Sorry to those outside the Philippines! =( ).

This contest is not sponsored by any company. Items are brand new and purchased by PPS, from press kits or gifts from lovely people.

Good luck!            

Trace and Dawn


  1. I like the recently posted makeover! I'm always happy to see makeovers because they show a different side of the person.

    Name: Mia E
    GFC name: mia.e
    email: gimiabreak@yahoo.com

    blog: http://miyamazing.blogspot.com

  2. I like the post about kevin beautymaker's aqualight foundation.. sa super like ko siya meron na din ako.. hehe and i thank you for that post i like that foundation better than my studiofix

    Name: donnarence m.
    GFC name: donnarence
    email: donnarence15@yahoo.com

    blog: http://miyamazing.blogspot.com

  3. bawal ako ano kasi family hehehe...

  4. I love your post about My Drawings in Watercolor, I'm a big fan of paintings and has a strong passion about arts and your paintings are really good and well done.

    Name: Kaye V.
    GFC name: IamAnnieKaye
    email: bludberry_08@yahoo.com

  5. LOL Even if it is for local readers, I still want to comment. Yeah for the over 100 followers. Mine just merely 10 now. :P

    I'll make one giveaway too when it finally reach 100. Don't know when will that be.

    I think the biggest reason I like this blog, is the online personality of its owners. ;)

    The bird's nest mask?? Seriously?

  6. I adore your post about Dawn's Birthday Celebration. I love birthdays because it is an occasion that celebrates life, beginnings and learnings. And Dawn celebrated it with a bang! I can see all the fun with those pics! :)

    Name: Bec
    GFC name: Bec

  7. i love love body scrubs! :D
    the post about local body scrubs was the reason i bump into your pink blog hehe. i have only tried yoko,abonne and the one from venus&mars,now im eager to try your suggestions without the hassle coz they're locally available! thanks!

    more recommendations to come!


  8. HI Fish Fish! That is so sweet of you to say! You're one of my favorite bloggers too! =) Your posts are so honest hehe

    Yes, birds nest essence - and it's raved about actually.



  9. I like the recently posted Pink Beauty Collections! I'm a certified pink lover that's why most of my beauty paraphernalia's is also in pink color! I would love to try some of those pinky lip and cheeky products you both owned.

    Name: Karen Chayne Sanchez
    GFC Name: Kayeshayne
    email add: kayeshayne21@yahoo.com
    blog: http://kayeshayne.blogspot.com/

  10. Hmmmmm...this is a very difficult question...
    I actually like EVERYTHING...
    I like it when you post entries on places you go to,,I like the makeovers,,hell! I like your drawings!
    hmmm...I especially like your reviews on beauty products...
    Thanks for letting us know it is the humid weather that is causing our fave beauty brands to fail...aaarrgh!

    Leilani C. Sonza

  11. I love your post on the October National Breast cancer Awareness Month and the flower artwork fotd at http://peachypinksisters.blogspot.com/2010/08/fotd-flower-girl.html

    name: emiliana sison
    GFC name: luckyfinds
    email: emiliana.sison AT gmail.com

    my blog -http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/

  12. I love when you blog about the scrubs... I'm a scrubs addict and was so happy to see all your reviews... I was able to add more scrubs inside the bathroom...
    Thanks for the giveaway...

    GFC name: babysaffron

  13. I love the 20 Minute Makeover Post. :)
    I'm really a busy person so I'm always in a rush whenever I prepare for parties, events and stuffs. The makeover gave me ideas and I pretty much appreciate it!! :)


    Name: Jenneca
    GFC: enchi
    email: jenneca_thecutest@yahoo.com

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  14. i followed via GFC

    my fave PPS entry is about the review of local body scrubs. i might try nanay earth one of these days

    im ice supetran, gfc name is 'koolasa'
    ice dot supetran at gmail dot com

  15. HI, love that Holy Land goodies, Beauty from the Mideast.. I can relate...have the same sea of spa lotion too..

    gfc name .. vernz
    vlyluga at gmail com

  16. I like your review on local body scrubs. I love body scrubs as well and using one just eases the tension of the entire day away.

    Name: Shirley Mae
    GFC name: *mae*
    Email: sm_yboa@yahoo.com

    blog: http://lifetimeoftogetherness.blogspot.com

  17. I like the blog entry "I dont want to buy make up anymore" or something with the title like that :D
    I am not a make-up FANatic,I mean I am not a CITY girl who loves to dress up and put some make up before going to school or work because I came from a Small Town in Mindanao. My mom is just a simple woman, doesn't like to put some make up too, but I tried to learn how to put them on. The only thing I have mastered was putting the lipstick with the lipgloss and the eyeliner. I have asked so many friends to teach me how to put some eye shadow and blush on and mascara and still I can't perfect it so I don't splurge so much on make up. My only spending habit is that I buy many TEEs, expression t-shirts of whatever brand. It is my only shopping splurge that I cannot stop. I only get to have make up when I join blog contest as a prize. woohoo :D

    GFC name: JOanne Gonzales
    email: jongskie721(@)gmail(dot)com

    blog: http://luckyzoan.blogspot.com

  18. I like your post about your drawings in water color. You are very talented lady. I like your style. I too like to draw using oil pastels and wish I can learn to draw using water colors. :-)

    Name : Maria Liza Trinidad
    GFC name: admin
    email : maria_lhiza@yahoo.com


  19. i like your blog post with the title Beauties from the Middle East. I've always loved looking at accessories from abroad because there's so much culture and history into every detail. The ivory tusk necklaces are simply divine! Those would go perfect with a basic neutral top!

    Name: Aimee Diego
    GFC name: lootwagon
    email: aimeediego@gmail.com
    blog: lootwagonista.blogspot.com

  20. My most loved PPS post is your top three whitening soaps. I had long been looking for a cheaper alternative to skin ointments for getting rid of blemishes since skin ointments are expensive. I'm really glad I found that post of yours! ^_^

    name: Dioana
    GFC name: snow0016
    email: snow0016 at yahoo dot com