Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review : Shawill Coloring Eyebrow

Hey dears!

So I'm still on my quest to find the perfect brow product. I've already tried some that sort of work but I have to use 2-3 products to achieve it. I was hoping to try a product that can do the trick alone and it has to be long-lasting and sweat proof. 

While browsing the beauty stalls in SM Manila's department store, I encountered this product...

Shawill Coloring Eyebrow
I bought it for PhP 188.00.

I bought it because I haven't tried a liquid liner version for a brow product. I was hoping that it will be an affordable dupe for the popular K Palette Brow Tattoo.

So let's get on with the review.

Info from the label (which is also on the website):

Genuine to your skin for a long lasting radiant beauty.

Unique lasting formula with flexible strokes to create a comfortable, relaxed and natural eyebrow sketch.

Maintains natural-looking results.

I think it only comes in one shade. :P

The packaging is the typical pen type with a cap. The design is sort of cutesy although I think that the font selection needs improvement. haha! 

It has a brush applicator that can create fine lines if applied lightly.

See below the swatches:

I was trying to create hair-like strokes but I guess the lines aren't as fine as hair. It's quite dark too and I already have dark brows. So I suggest that you use it with light hands.

It's sort of smudge-resistant. The photo above shows how the swatches stayed on my hand after rubbing it a few times.

When rubbed with water, some of the product came off, but not too much. It's safe to say that it is quite water-resistant (not waterproof!).

Above photo shows my bare brows. The hair of my brows are thick and dark so I can't just use any brown-colored brow product. I gotta go with the dark shades so this product's color is good enough.

The above photo shows my brow with the product. I really struggled adding hair-like lines because of the thickness of my brows. The strands block the direction of the line I'm trying to make, especially the end of the inner brows part where I just want to add a little more strands to balance it with the darkness of the brow hair next to it.

I need to practice more to perfect it because the shade is just too dark that a small mistake will be very obvious. The problem here is that since I have dark hair strands, I needed to add more... and adding more can either make it too thick and dark because the shade is just dark or it will just look fake or just drawn if I place the lines far away from each other (because as you can see, my hair strands are pretty close to each other, especially the inner area). What makes it worse, it dispenses a lot of product when you press it hard on skin, so be careful!!

I find this kind of brow product really hard to use—harder than the brow pencils which give a more natural finish. :( I blame the darkness of it. I'd rather have a brow product that is sheerer in shade that I can just build up. 

But staying power is pretty decent. It still fades when my skin gets oily but I think it can stay the whole day if I blot and make sure I don't get sweat on my brows much.

To summarize this review:

What I LIKE:

- Decent staying power
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Travel-friendly (non-bulky)
- Brush tip applicator
- Smudge-resistant


- One shade only
- Shade is too dark
- Hard to apply
- Not a fan of the design

Would I buy again?
No. It's too hard to use and I find that the finish is too strong for my brows.

And that is my review! Let me know what you think of the Shawill Coloring Brow on the comments!


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