Tuesday, September 06, 2016

August and Early September (2016) Haul

Hey guys!

It's my birthday month and I started buying my birthday gifts early! HA~! Well, I do have a birthday bonus from my work so I have the extra money to spend. Some of these were from the kindness of my mom's heart too. LOL

Anyway, just sharing my newly acquired stuff for art, fashion, hygiene, and beauty!

Art After War by Patrick Flores - PhP 5,500.00
The Struggle for Philippine Art by Purita Kalaw-Ledesma and Amadis Ma. Guerrero - PhP 3,500.00

I took my comprehensive exam in grad school last month and these books contain majority of the topics included in one of our tests. I didn't have to buy them since these are also available in the UST Library, BUT during the last couple of weeks before the exam, classes were interrupted because of the heavy rains and I can't access the books. Thinking that these can be good reference materials for my thesis and will also be a good addition to my growing art library, I bought them... well, my mom bought them for me since it will be my birthday soon. I actually just borrowed money since I didn't have cash on hand, but she said I don't have to pay her back. Thanks, Mom!

Tokyo Finds Metallic Pens - PhP 299.75 (from Fully Booked)
I sort of regretted buying this because I still have metallic pens at home. What I like about this is that the end is like a felt-tip kind and not the metallic pointed tip so I can produce thicker lines. All colors work great on black paper and I can still use it on my artworks, which makes these an okay buy.


Yes, these are for me to use. Haha! I actually make crayon art! ;)
I'm trying to find other good crayon brands to try. I really like Crayola but I wanted to see if there are professional-grade crayons. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any at National Bookstore, Glorietta, but I'll check out art stores next!

Dorothy Perkins Dress

It was on sale for PhP 1.1k. The print is cute kasi e! Haha!

Messy Bessy Roach Repellant Spray - Around PhP 240.00

The creature I'm scared of (well, at least among the creatures I encounter in the city) the most is the flying ipis! I like this because it doesn't smell as bad as the Baygon brand that my mom uses at home.

Desk and Workspace Cleaner - PhP 70.00

You can use it to wipe your computer/laptop screens too! 

Margins Dishwashing Liquid - PhP 45.00

I use this to clean my makeup brushes. I clean my brushes at least once a week and I use quite a lot of tools since I don't use the same brushes (especially the ones for foundations/bb creams) more than once so having an affordable and effective cleaning product is a must for me.

Luxe Scents Fresh Bamboo Aroma Concentrate - Around PhP 200.00
This smells super awesome!!!

Of course I had to drop by Beauty Bar to check what's on sale...

Natura Siberica Cooling Foot Cream Peeling - PhP 261.25
Natura Siberica Smoothing Heel and Foot Balm - PhP 166.25

These babies are on sale from PhP 475.00 so I bought them to give my feet some TLC!

Palladio Eye Shadow Quad in Copper N Chic - PhP 166.25

Original price was PhP 475.00.

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Beauty Balm For Hair - PhP 382.25

Original Price was PhP 695.00

Mineral Fusion Hair Repair Conditioner - PhP 324.50
Original Price was PhP 590.00

Natura Siberica Tonic Lotion - PhP 218.75
Original Price was PhP 625.00. This is gonna expire by October but since it's affordable now and I'll be using it daily AND it's for oily skin, then I just decided to try it out and see if it's good. :P


Cargo is now in the Philippines! I remember my first Cargo product back in 2006. It's a blush that's already phased out called "Gotham." It was a favorite of Liz and I. :)

Just this weekend I made some serious spending too. Check these out:

Kasaysayan: The History of the Filipino People - PhP 3,500.00
(from Fully Booked)
I wasn't able to get it for less than 2k when it was on sale but 3.5k is still a good steal.

We also went to the Manila Sundance Bazaar held in the World Trade Center last weekend.

I bought pretty much the same stuff I did when I went with Liz at the Supersale Bazaar last July.

A sketch pad (PhP 150.00) and a fountain pen with refills (PhP 50.00) from Variety Online (Instagram)

A necklace (PhP 200.00) from Soulmade

Got these clothes for PhP 150.00:

Lastly, we were able to score this Hario v60 Dripper for PhP 150.00 from the bazaar.

Again, I went to Beauty Bar to splurge on a few more stuff...

Canus Lavender Soaps - PhP 127.50 each
Original price was PhP 150.00

ArtDeco Nail Lacquer in Ruby Cream - PhP 130.00
Original price was PhP 325.00

ArtDeco Miami Collection Eyeshadow Stick in American Girl - PhP 178.50
Original price was PhP 595.00

ArtDeco Glam Vintage Lipstick in Glamorous Valentine - PhP 268.50
Original price was PhP 895.00

Phew! That's a lot! Haha! So yeah, a happy early birthday to me. LOL


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