Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Venture Pack Foldable Duffle Bag

Hey dears!

A few months ago, I realized that I didn't have a travel bag that I can bring with me for weekend vacations and I didn't want to bring a luggage for short trips.  It was during the time when I went to an overnight trip with family and friends in Batangas and I had to borrow my brother's high school backpack (it's like 10 years old now) just so all my items would fit. After that trip, I told to myself that I will buy a big bag that I can use for travel that's hand-carried.

I didn't have any vacations coming up soon so the bag wasn't a priority yet... but when I went to the Supersale Bazaar last July, I saw a stall selling a lot of duffle bags. There was one whose prints I really liked so I inquired...

It was this, the Sunny Tribal print Duffle Bag from The Venture Pack.

I didn't know about The Venture Pack back then. I talked to the person tending the booth and she told me that the bag was actually foldable... and I was like, WOAH! From a big duffle bag as seen below to a small round and sort of flat object, which you can see on the photo above.

Here's some product description from the Zalora website:

Travel in style with this stylish foldable duffle bag from The Venture Pack. With a wide range of colorful designs to choose from, this bag is the perfect accessory for travelling abroad with your family and friends or for the gym. Surely, our bags will take you to places as you VENTURE through life! 

- Double top handles 
- Adjustable/detachable shoulder strap 
- has 2 side zipper compartment (NEW!) 
- 1 side pocket 
- 1 front pocket 
- 1 zipper pocket inside the bag 
- has a shoe compartment (NEW!) 
- bigger zippers (IMPROVED!) 
- Comes with shoulder straps 
- Water Resistant 

Diameter x Width 
- 30.05cm x 60.05cm

Colour: Sunny Tribal
Care label: Hand Wash Only. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Iron. Do Not Dry Clean.Line Dry.

I was able to buy it for PhP 1,500.00 because it was on sale during the bazaar, but it is available in Zalora for PhP 1,800.00. The one I got is the biggest size if I remember correctly.

I love the handle of the bag and how you can put them together with the velcro strap. Makes it easy to carry by hand.

But it also comes with a shoulder strap!

And you can adjust the length of the strap to your liking. :D

The material is mainly canvas cloth so I think it's easy to wash (by hand of course!).

It has two zippers too (another feature I like when it comes to big bags).

Inside you'll see a small zipper compartment.

There's also one at the front and on both sides!

There's actually quite a lot of places you can put your smaller belongings like socks or toiletries!

 Since my family don't travel often, the big bags at home sit idly in our cabinets or somewhere in our rooms. They consume so much space because they are big and bulky. What I like about this duffle bag from The Venture Pack is that you can fold it and it consumes only a little part of your storage space.

Here's how you can fold it (I think I didn't do this neatly but it still works! Haha!):

Open the side compartment

Fold it to the inside until half of the bag is in

Then you do three big folds...

First Fold

Second Fold

Third Fold
Dont' forget to tuck in the handle!

This is how it looks like after the third fold.

And then close the leaf of the side pocket and zip it.

And there you have it! The big duffle bag is now easier to store. It won't consume so much space and it wouldn't get dusty (except for the exposed part which is where I usually put my slippers or shoes so no biggie).

It may sound a bit pricey but I think the pros outweigh the cons. I'm happy with my purchase. :D

The Venture Pack is available at To The Nines and you can also order online. For more info about their products, check their website, Facebook, or instagram!

What do you think of The Venture Pack's Foldable Duffle Bags? Would you buy something like this?


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