Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bath Junkies: Return To Innocence

Good evening bellas!

I recently bought my very first Bath Junkies product from BeautyMNL. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now and here are my thoughts on it.

Before I go on about their product, here's a little information on the brand as described in BeautyMNL.

Bath Junkies is the first local bath and body brand to compete globally! Their line of soaps, scrubs, bath gels, colognes, cleansers, toners, sanitizers, and sunscreens contain both mood-lifting essential oils and skin-nourishing actives. And you won’t find toxic ingredients here—Bath Junkies is a natural brand. The best part? Each of its products are bundled up in pretty, pretty packaging with a bohemian beach vibe.


I can't really agree with the Bohemian vibe description since the first time I saw the product online I immediately remembered babies. To me, the design of the labels was more an appeal to my more innocent days and memories.

The pump bottle design is also good however, since this company claims to be an all-natural brand, you'd think they'd proudly announce the lack of chemicals in their products by listing them down and giving more details on their product. Nowadays, a lot of people have different things that they are allergic to and it'd be risky for them to just go ahead and believe a certain brands' claim of being organic. I think they should provide the list of their ingredients so consumers can be guided.


The facial wash is a clear transparent light amber colored fluid. Not too viscous, and non-sticky. It lathers quickly but does not lather too much. It's non-drying on the face nor is it itchy after use. The product smells like peppermint which is reminiscent of candy canes (Christmas feels). The peppermint adds a cooling sensation when the product is being applied/rubbed on your face and during rinse.

I wouldn't really recommend this for individuals with sensitive skin. As I said earlier, there is a lack in disclosure of the ingredients so there's a fair warning that it may contain some of the chemicals or organic materials that you are allergic. Also, as convention would state, gentle, hypoallergenic washes usually do not have any smell and are very bland looking to minimize adding more chemicals to these products.

Skin Changes during use:

So far, I haven't seen any break outs from using this product. My dermatitis also did not flare up. The cooling effect of the product leaves a feeling of an uplifted and refreshed face though I don't really see it when I look in the mirror.

Price and Availability:

It's a great purchase though one I wouldn't do again. It's Php 220 pesos for a 114 ml bottle which for me is a little expensive. For now the product is only available online through BeautyMNL and their facebook page. I have not found any other sites though but if you know any, then please don't hesitate to share with me and others in the comments.

Well those are my thoughts on this product. I want our local products to gain a larger attention so I hope I have helped in their improvement. 



  1. It's pretty pricey for a small product but it looks like it's worth a try naman. Probably would buy it just to try it out too. xD


  2. Hi gellie!
    I'd really like to support this brand since it's a local brand. I hope they have more budget friendly ones.