Monday, September 19, 2016

Nippon Esthetic: White Ginger Hydrating Hand Wash

Good evening ladies,

I've been using this White Ginger Hand Wash from Nippon Esthetic Philippines for about a week and I think it's about time to share my thoughts on this product.

It was my first time hearing of this brand so I searched the net to learn more. The brand is relatively young having started in 2006 as a beauty solutions provider. The company upholds their philosophy to redefine beauty hygiene. Their products highlight the Japanese simplicity for precise and flawless makeup application.

 The packaging:

It's a standard 300 ml pump-bottle. The labels are simple and uncluttered. I do like this straight-forward type of design with the labels since it looks so clean but still eye-catching. 

Product consistency:

This liquid/gel soap looks light in the bottle and feels light as well. It's not viscous, nor is it super sticky. The consistency is almost similar to alco-gels which is really great. I always have problems with more viscous hand soaps or shower gels since they're too thick and hard to wash off. I often need to dilute them a lot just so I get the right amount of bubbles and soapy finish when washing. Though those soaps come in handy when you're trying to save up (since diluting them increases the amount available for use).


I love the smell of ginger. It's a calming and warming aroma for me and this soap is exactly that.

Non-drying property:

My hands feel very smooth after each wash. After rinse, it's not a filmy type of smoothness but just a feeling that my skin was just naturally supple and smooth to start with.


The brand and their products may be purchased directly through their website or through BeautyMNL or you can go to one of their stores to purchase,

Overall, I think this is a great product and a good brand to start exploring. I might try some of their products so I am open for any suggestions from you. Please let me know of any of theirs that is worth trying.



  1. I really like the Nippon sponge I've had it for a long time and I use it on myself and clients :)

    1. Hey stephani g! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that on my next purchase. :)

  2. Hey stephanie g, i think i'll try that on my next purchase. Thanks for the suggestion. :)